Lush Is Launching 54 New Bath Bombs—And They’ll Make You Want To Take A Bath ASAP

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say Lush Cosmetics singlehandedly revolutionized bath time for adults. The company’s wide array of bubbly products has brought ripples of color into our lives for years now—30 years, to be exact.

As a result, Lush is recognizing this mighty milestone in fitting and fizzy fashion. Lush Cosmetics is launching a whopping 54 bath bombs in its Celebration collection. These newbies more than double the current offering of bath bombs. Now, fans will have nearly 100 different “flavors” to choose from. Many of these are brand new fragrances and some include resurrecting bygone favorites. All the flavors will be available online, while local stores will sell their own curated selections.

Lush Cosmetics

Each bath bomb is handmade, cruelty-free, made of sustainably sourced ingredients, and packaging-free so you can start feeling good about your purchase well before your soak. They bring a variety of new in-the-water effects in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The new bath bombs will begin rolling out online and in stores on March 29. Some will entice you with their clever names alone. For example you can bathe in Bom Perignon, Groovy Kind of Love, or Honey I Washed the Kids.

Lush Cosmetics

Other bath bombs sound more like an edible treat than a bathing product. For example, there’s Sushi, Turmeric Latte, Yog Nog, and Strawberries & Cream, among others. With Lush, you can have your cake and bathe in it, too!

Come March 29, please forward all my mail to the bathtub. That’s where I’ll be for the foreseeable future sampling all the bath bombs and pushing the limits of raisin-y fingers.