This $33,000 home is built in 7 hours and can resist earthquakes


If the idea that an entire house could be built in just a matter of hours is difficult to wrap your head around, you’re not alone. But pre-fab A-frame abode called the M.A.DI. house makes it possible to put up a structure that’s earthquake resistant and costs less than $35,000, in just seven hours or less. So, consider our minds blown!

The Italian brand M.A.DI. specializes in creating these easy-to-build structures, and according to their website, these houses suit “residential, leisure and hospitality” purposes. Once built, the plumbing, HVAC system and electricity are all set . M.A.DI. explained the structures can be “used to set-up of temporary villages for sports, fairs and first aid facilities in case of natural disasters” — or, of course, your own tiny house.

The homes arrive in a flatpack, but use a folding method to pop up in no time, thanks to a crane. Watch one come together before your very eyes:

Neat, right?

Even cooler is that these homes practically support themselves. The A-Frame shape and reinforced steel frame make them sturdy, and they don’t even require a concrete base to set-up. All that’s needed is leveled ground. The structures are also easy to disassemble and move.

The M.A.DI. homes come in a variety of square footage options, too. The least spacious option is 290 square feet, and they offer up to 904 square feet. The homes range in price from $34,000 to $75,000.

The floor plans offer two stories and are equipped with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It really does seem like everything you’d need. Oh yeah, and the features certainly aren’t shabby! Look at this concept rendering of the living space:

And the bedroom:

Here, you can get a sense of what it’s like once it’s been built:

The view from the outside’s not bad either:

Business Insider reports the homes are available for sale in northern Europe, Australia and the United States. So, when can we move in?

M.A.DI. isn’t the only home that can be shipped just about anywhere and assembled quickly. Other brands such as Lumishell also offer this kind of convenient, on-the-go housing, as well.


Interested in setting up one of these homes for yourself? You could be calling a place like this “home, sweet home”  in just a matter of hours.


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