This Magic Cake Recipe Is Taking Over The Internet, For Good Reason

This recipe is making its rounds on the internet, and for good reason. The only thing more magical than the cake itself is how little time it takes to make and devour it.

Simply using eggs, milk, flour and butter, you can create a three-layer cake consisting of a light and spongy top layer with a rich and dense bottom layer and a custard-like layer in between — all in one cake.

The cake separates as you cook it to form three different layers, so it requires no extra work on your part. That’s what makes it so utterly amazing and magical.

Unconvinced? Test out this gorgeous creation from blogger Joanna Cismaru, the brains behind the blog Jo Cooks, and check out her site for recipe details.


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Cismaru says it’s one of the most popular recipes on her site and it appears to have been shared on Pinterest more than 1.2 million times!

Cismaru even has a helpful video for this recipe:

Other Flavors

You can also add flavors to spice up a basic magic cake. For example, you can whip up a Nutella variety or a chocolate magic cake, as Instagram user @carlos_vivian shared, just as easily.

Or if you want to ring in the fall season just right, give a pumpkin-flavored version a try.

Food host Lynn Chen told Mashable, “The cake basically makes itself, and I think that’s what the name implies when I hear it — a cake that you have to do very little work on to create an incredible result[…] It’s something that looks attainable, yet there’s a mystery in figuring out how to make that texture happen.”

The egg instructions seem to be the most complicated steps in this recipe.


Once you’ve got those down, magic cake might just be the only dessert you ever make. It’s easy and delicious, and it just doesn’t get better than that.

Here’s another version, called the “Magic 3 Layer Custard Cake,” from Recipe Tin Eats.

RecipeTin Eats

And if you’re feeling a little extra-inventive, check out the different magic cakes you can mix up with these recipes from Pinterest.

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Impossible Cake

Speaking of cakes with strange names, have you ever tried “Impossible Cake?”

Name aside, apparently the recipe is actually fairly simple. This delicious cake contains two layers: one made of flan and another made of chocolate cake. Yum!

Similar to the “magic cake,” this recipe creates a layer cake because the two batters separate during the baking process. One is heavier than the other (the flan), so it sinks to the bottom! Pretty cool.

This cake goes by another name, too: chocoflan. That’s what Betty Crocker calls it, and we like her recipe, which calls for boxed cake mix, caramel topping and a handful of other ingredients.

Betty Crocker