Magical Green Lipstick Changes Color To Suit Your Complexion

OK, now this is pretty cool.

This little green lipstick may as well be a magic wand.

The lipstick appears green in the tube. When applied to your lips, it turns into a shade that is suited specifically to you. Appropriately named Frog Prince the color transforms from an emerald green to the most handsome of rose-colored shades.

Lipstick Queen created the product to respond to the pH levels of your lips. This along with your lips natural coloring will give you a completely unique shade. The lipstick sells for $23.50 on Amazon, so you may want to pick up a couple to have on hand. It makes a perfect gift since it suits just about everyone.

When applied, the intensely green lipstick actually goes on sheer. The Vitamin E and shea butter result in a nice gloss and act as an excellent moisturizer. It will then transform into a shade between pink and red. Ideal for everyday wear.

Lipstick Queen

As in every good fairy tale, you will need to practice a little patience while you wait for the perfect hue. The color can take minutes to develop and may change hours later. Hey, att least this means it’s long-lasting.

This lipsticks many features and fairytale-like qualities are guaranteed to leave you happily ever after with your new go-to hue.

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