This magnetic swimsuit for kids makes diaper changes at the pool or beach so much easier

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Dealing with potty time and diaper changes at the beach or the pool is easier said than done. Sure, you’re relieved that your toddler told you they had to go to the bathroom rather than breaking the cardinal rule of “no peeing in the pool” — but stripping them out of a wet swimsuit for a trip to the bathroom is a difficult task.

Fortunately, that’s where a pair of brilliant swimsuit designers came in. Alexis Castellano and Jill Slater, the women behind the brand Wowease, which used to be called Fasten, created a child’s bathing suit that makes diaper changes and that inevitable trip to the bathroom so much easier for parents.

Wowease swimsuits come equipped with a section that’s easily detachable at the bottom (similar to a onesie) so that going to the restroom or changing a diaper is a hassle-free situation. There’s even a magnetic strip on the back of the swimsuit that will hold the piece you removed in place while you change your child’s diaper or while your child goes to the bathroom, ensuring a mess-free experience. Just genius!


It makes sense that this product is so intuitive and easy to use, considering it was designed by parents, for parents.

“We’re two moms that just wanted to make our lives easier,” co-founder Castellano told The Huffington Post. And by the looks of it, they’ve done just that.

See a Wowease swimsuit in action on the company’s YouTube channel:

While these suits only have a few reviews on Amazon so far, they’ve got stellar grades, with most models hovering around five-out-of-five stars.

“The concept of this bathing suit is simple, yet genius. It’s one of those ‘why didn’t anyone think of this sooner’ products! The [Wowease] bathing suit is so easy to open and easy to close, and eliminates the difficult squirming around, tugging dance that all little girls (and their moms) perform as they try to lift up a wet suit,” one customer wrote in their own Amazon review.


Due to the adaptive nature of these suits, they’re also great for children with disabilities, and the creators of the brand are happy to see their products being useful to so many.

“We really love the adaptive aspect of the suits,” Castellano told Huffington Post. “We’re not just making an everyday mom’s life easier. We’re helping the community to feel like they can wear the bathing suit just like anyone else.”

Of course, this isn’t the only brand that’s making beach and pool days a little more bearable. RuffleButts also offers several swimsuits for little ones that feature metal button snaps and handy zippers on the back to make potty time and changing clothes easy. You can find them on Amazon or on their website.


The Wowease swimsuits retail for less than $40 each, and if you like their swimsuits, you may be interested in giving their leotards a try, too. They come in black or pink and are each on sale right now for $19.99 apiece.


To companies like this, on behalf of all the parents out there who want to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool with their littlest swimmer, thank you!