How to make a DIY moss rock wreath with dollar store items

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Updating your home decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even if you want to add some of the more trendy elements to a room, you can find what you need on a manageable budget. Would you believe you could make something gorgeous from a dollar store shopping trip?

One popular decorating trend right now is bringing a touch of nature indoors with moss wreaths. If you love the look, but don’t want to break the bank, you can make one of these decorative items for a fraction of the cost of buying a ready-made one.

A quick online search shows lots of moss-inspired designs and options available for purchase, including some that cost a pretty penny. This one from Terrain costs $148!


So now that you’ve seen the price, are you ready to make your own?

Hip2BeHome shows you how to create a beautiful DIY wreath using only $11 in supplies from Dollar Tree. Armed with a glue gun, some glue sticks and ribbons left over from the holidays, the blogger took her inexpensive finds and made this beautiful treasure for her front door!


Another DIY version of this popular wreath comes from The Shabby Creek Cottage. This wreath was made from just two items from the dollar store: a wreath form and sheet moss. The steps are simple — take the sheet moss and use a hot glue gun to wrap it around the form. What’s even better about this wreath is how it was used as part of a formal table setting. Who says a wreath just has to hang on a wall or a door?

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Lastly, this DIY Moss Rock Wreath from Domer Home elevates dollar store craft finds into something absolutely lovely. This creative blogger used a foam pool noodle as the base of her wreath (brilliant!). From there, her instructions say to wrap the form with ribbon to give the base a natural color. After that, you can simply glue moss rocks from Dollar Tree onto it and incorporate pieces of soft moss from a hobby store to finish it off. This wreath looks HGTV-worthy!

Domer House

So, for just a few dollars and less than an hour’s time, you can bring a touch of spring right into your home! Happy crafting!


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