How To Make The Most Adorable DIY Bunny—Out Of A Sock!


How would you like to turn your missing sock problem into a quick and easy way to make everyone smile this Easter, or all year round?

Handimania is teaching us how to make darling little bunnies out of socks. The very best part? You don’t even have to pull out the sewing machine or sewing needle! It’s also a great DIY craft to do with the kids.

First, here’s what you’ll need:

  • One sock (per bunny… and the socks need to be at least midcalf length)
  • Rice (using grit is another option)
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • A marker
  • Tape (something like packing tape or a half-used role of duct tape… you’re only using this to hold the sock open)

Start by looping the sock through the roll of tape and folding the edge of the sock over the tape. When you have an opening, fill the sock with rice. If you don’t have tape, just carefully pour the rice into the sock.

You only need to fill the sock halfway. Be sure you are still able to pinch the heel of the sock.

Next, squeeze the portion of the sock filled with rice and the unfilled part of the sock (this should almost resemble a snowman with three separate parts—the smallest on top, the biggest on the bottom). Use your twine to tie both areas nice and tight!

Cut the top portion of the sock (the unfilled part) right down the middle. That’s right! Your bunny now has ears. Using your scissors, cut from the inside of the ear to make them more petal-shaped.

You’re almost done! Tie your ribbon around the bunny’s neck (between the two rice-filled portions of your sock). Then use your marker to give your bunny eyes and a mouth. If you used a black sock, you can use white thread to sew the eyes and mouth.

If you want to add a cute little tail, grab some of the fabric from the bottommost part of the bunny, and tie it up with twine.

sock bunny

And voila! How cute are these?! Kids will go crazy for them this Easter, and you’ll go crazy for how easy they are to make! Be sure to check out the video for some extra help.

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