Bacon-wrapped Oreos are a decadent treat to make at home

Many bacon-lovers will insist that absolutely everything is better with the salty, crisp strips of meat added. If you agree, you might want to try a savory and sweet trending treat that brings you sugar and salt in equal measure: bacon-wrapped Oreo cookies.

While the idea is not brand-new (California’s Orange County Fair was serving a deep-fried version back in 2012), the most recent iteration is primarily prepared in the backyard.

Although it’s unclear where the idea for smoked, bacon-wrapped Oreos originated, a YouTube channel called BigJon TV posted a video showing how to make them on the grill using traditional and Maple Creme Oreo flavors in 2019. Check out the video here:

Only two ingredients are required: bacon and Oreos. After wrapping each cookie loosely in a slice of bacon, Jon pops them on a rack in his pellet smoker at 250F for about 60 to 90 minutes.

Jon states that you can also make these treats in the oven at the same temperature for the same amount of time with similar results (of course, you won’t get the same smoky flavor as you would using a smoker or barbecue grill).

Jon’s wife and son enjoyed his cookies, although they were unsure about them before taking a taste. His daughter declined to try one.

More recently, people began posting pictures of smoked bacon-wrapped Oreos as part of Traeger Grill’s Game Day 2020 contest, in which followers share photos of their grilled or smoked creations in the hopes of winning a prize. Twitter user @kellyfentonmn chimed in with a tweet and a photo of her platter of goodies.

“Smoked bacon-wrapped Oreos on the Traeger do not disappoint,” she tweeted.

Her tweet, which has garnered thousands of retweets and likes, prompted some mixed reactions, some expressing disgust and others sharing their own variations on the recipe β€” including @Greg_Tish’s tweet indicating that the snack is even better with a different Oreo flavor.

“Two weeks ago, I did regular Oreos,” he replied. “Monday I tried the Peanut Butter ones. The PB was so much better.”

Still others posted about the mixed reviews on bacon-wrapped Oreos within their own families.

Twitter user @HarlowAndrew posted that the jury was still out on his attempt at the dessert.

“Smoked Bacon Wrapped Oreos … of course Me and @JZAP_53 liked them,” he tweeted. “Wife not so much. Salty and sweet.”

Whether you’re tempted to try making these yourself or quickly gave the idea a hard pass, you must admit, it’s definitely something different.

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