How To Make The Best Cookie Icing With Just Two Ingredients

It’s no secret that we at Simplemost like to keep things just that—simple.

It’s almost like we’re soul sisters with Lynette Rice, the brains behind the blog Cleverly Simple.

Her recipe for sugar cookie icing is so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you ever fooled around with other frosting recipes in the past.

The secret to making delicious and beautifully frosted cookies that look like they came from a gourmet bakery? Just two ingredients: milk and powdered sugar.

Before you start, you’ll want to whip of a batch of your favorite cookies, like these clever reindeer cookies made using gingerbread cookie cutters or these chocolate sugar cookies, which add a fun twist to a traditional treat.

Cleverly Simple also has some great tips for making the perfect sugar cookies, including putting the dough back in the refrigerator between batches.

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Once you’ve got a plateful of cookies to use as your canvas (make sure they’re completely cooled first), it’s time for icing.

To start, scoop 1 cup of powdered sugar into a large mixing bowl. Add 4 teaspoons of milk and stir the two ingredients with a fork. Depending on how you like your icing, you can add more powdered sugar or more milk to change the consistency, suggests Rice.

If you want to get all fancy and make several colors of icing, Rice recommends scooping a dollop of the frosting into plastic baggies—one for each color. Add the food coloring directly to the bag and squish to create your desired color. This step would be super fun for kids!

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When you’re ready to decorate, simply cut a small hole in a corner of each bag and squeeze. Use a knife to spread the icing on each cookie.

Add a few sprinkles, let the icing harden and voila! You’ve got amazingly simple and delicious sugar cookies.

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Rice recommends stacking and freezing the cookies to save yourself the hassle during the busy holiday season.


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