Make The Best Corn On The Cob By Adding Two Basic Ingredients To The Pot

My wife and I eat corn three to four times per week. That’s probably a little too much for most people, but for us, there’s nothing better than fresh corn on the cob. With our love for corn, I’m always in search of new ways to make it even better.

If you want to take your corn to the next level and wow your guests, then you just need to add two ingredients to the pot (once the water is boiling): milk and butter.

A Must-Try Recipe For Corn On The Cob

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If you are cooking five to six ears, try adding a cup of milk and half a stick or a full stick of butter to the boiling water pot.


Add the corn and cook for six to eight minutes. The corn should come out very flavorful, and you won’t even need to slather the corn with more butter.

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Some readers also suggested adding sugar.  Usually, summer corn is sweet enough that you shouldn’t need any additional sweetener, but it could be a great option during other seasons when you’re cooking with corn that may need a flavor boost.

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Try The Microwave For Quick Cooking And Easy Shucking

If you are cooking a smaller amount, try this other technique to make corn. Place the corn with its husk in the microwave and cook for three to four minutes (so it’s soft to the touch).


Then take it out and cut the end off. Wiggle the corn and it should fall out leaving all the little strings (technically called silk) with the husk. Bonus: No more wasting minutes of your life trying to shuck raw corn. Those little bits of silk are impossible to pick off.

Watch the video below to get the full scoop:

If you’re going for buttered corn on the cob (and, really, why wouldn’t you?) cooked in the microwave, you’d want to roll the corn in butter or use a knife to apply it after taking the corn out.

Bacon-Wrapped Corn Recipes

Wrapping everyone’s favorite summer side (corn) in bacon is sure to take your backyard barbecues to the next level, so make sure you’re familiar with these recipes before the guests arrive.

You can start off with a basic recipe and mix and match ingredients from there.

1. Simple Bacon-Wrapped Corn

This recipe from the Spend With Pennies blog uses just corn, bacon and pepper to create a delicious side to pair with burgers, hot dogs, pork sliders and so much more. The blog offers an important tip: Use foil to keep the bacon on the corn as it grills.

2. Sweet And Spicy Corn On The Cob

Topping your corn and bacon off with a honey chipotle glaze will add all of the sweet-yet-spicy flavor your palate desires. See how it’s done on the Unsophisticook blog.


3. Bacon And Jalapeño Corn On The Cob

Lining the bacon with jalapeño slices before wrapping it around the corn will give a spicy kick your guests will love. You can get the full recipe over on the Blackberry Babe website.

Blackberry Babe

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