How to make a burlap wreath you can use for every season

Holiday decorations! While they absolutely add a ton of fun and cheer to your family’s life, decorations do have their down sides. Yep, all of those wreaths, figurines, pillows, candles and other decorative items can be expensive and a hassle to store when they’re not in use—especially if you have a full set of decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July Fourth and every other special time of year.

But instead of buying and storing a range of wreaths, what if you could make just one—and reuse it every season? This handy YouTube tutorial from is here to show you how.

This is a super easy process, and should only take you 10 minutes to complete. Not bad for something you could get years of use out of, right?

It’s pretty simple, really. Make your way to the craft store and purchase a wreath frame (wire or metal) and a length of burlap ribbon. That’s all you need!

Essentially, you wrap the burlap ribbon around the different loops in the metal frame, puffing it out a bit so it looks billowy, ruffled and almost floral. A series of twists, pushes and pulls makes the burlap tight and sturdy. You’ll then securely fasten it to the frame. The video shows that it can be fastened with a few quick stitches, but some hot glue would probably work just as well.

Once you’re done, the wreath is easily customizable for any season or occasion. Using ribbons, flowers and other odds and ends, you’ll spend just a few minutes updating the wreath for each holiday, season or special event.

Add red, orange or gold leaves for fall, tiny styrofoam pumpkins for Halloween and miniature flags for Independence Day. Winter and the Christmas season could see you applying holly, snowflakes or some Santa-themed decorations.

If you’re throwing a party, you can quickly revamp your burlap wreath to include the party colors or other themes. Just imagine the possibilities for an engagement party (faux baubles!), baby shower (pink or blue ribbon!) or graduation party (school colors!).

For more information, check out’s handy follow-up video that answers common questions about the wreath-making process, including whether you should buy burlap with a finished edge or an unfinished edge.

Happy crafting!