How to make these cheddar potato rolls

Handle the Heat

If you love potatoes and cheese— and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—you’ll want to take a peek at this cheddar potato rolls recipe from Handle the Heat.

These would also be great if you’re searching for the perfect crowd-pleasing snack for your next holiday party.

These potato-inspired rolls are delectably cheesy and so delicious you’ll probably have to restraint yourself from eating the entire pan. So you might want to indulge now before you start in on your New Year’s resolution diet. But they do look mouth-watering, don’t they?

Baking blogger Tessa Arias adapted the recipe from one from the Food Network, and she says if you’re intimidated by the prospect of making your own bread, these rolls are a great place to start.


“Things around here have been absolutely crazy lately and when I’m feeling stressed, there’s no better relief than making homemade bread. The entire process is so soothing to me and the fact that I get to munch on delectable homemade bread at the end of it is the best bonus ever. It’s amazing to me how the simplest of ingredients can come together to make something so fantastic. If bread baking intimidates you, I think bread rolls are a perfect place to get comfortable. And you can’t get more motivation for making homemade bread than when both cheese and potatoes are involved!” she writes.

The ingredients are pretty simple. You’ll need a potato, yeast, flour, butter, sugar, salt, mustard powder, eggs and cheddar cheese. The recipe makes 24 rolls, and Arias gives some make-ahead options if you’re short on time.

The comments on Arias’ blog reveal that people are pretty into these cheesy, carby delights.


Like this person who has an idea for a clever hack that would make these rolls even easier and more delicious: “Those rolls look amazing! With all the holiday leftovers, these would make great sandwiches. Could I substitute leftover mashed potatoes for the russet?”

Another commenter confirmed that the rolls were on point: “I made these today and they were wonderful! So tender and soft, just melt in your mouth good.”

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the complete recipe and get baking!

[h/t Handle the Heat]

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