How to make your own Christmas potpourri

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If you’re entertaining for the holidays, you’ve likely taken care to festively decorate your home as well as spent time cooking and cleaning. But have you thought about what your home smells like? A fresh Christmas-y scent can really complete the holiday vibe. Instead of relying on a scented candle, consider whipping up your own homemade potpourri, which is a lot easier than it sounds!

Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom says she got the idea to make her own potpourri when she pulled out some oranges from her refrigerator that were a little too old to eat but still good enough to make for a delicious-smelling scent.

Her recipe calls for oranges (or just the peel will do), cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and water. The result sounds heavenly!

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People on Money Saving Mom thought it sounded like a pretty simple and awesome holiday hack.

“I have always seen people do this with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks and think I should try that, then never get around to picking up whole cloves and cinnamon sticks, this I could do with just the spices in my cupboard. Love it!” read one comment.

“Great idea! The same idea goes for apple skins, peach skins, pits, etc. You can save the extra pieces and make scrap jelly!” said another.

If you’re looking for another twist on this concept, check out this recipe for homemade holiday potpourri featuring cranberries from Half Baked Harvest. The blog’s author, Tieghan Gerard, suggests whipping up a few batches to give to friends as thoughtful Christmas presents. What a great idea!

The Half Baked Harvest

If you want to evoke the scent of a fresh Christmas tree, check out this recipe for “Holiday Love” potpourri featuring pine and peppermint extract from Spend with Pennies.

What a great way to ensure your home is extra-festive for the holidays!

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