How To Make Copycat Trader Joe’s ‘Speculoos Cookie Butter’ At Home

Whether you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s or just don’t want to face the crowd of Trader Joe’s-enthused shoppers, you don’t have to miss out on this one very special product that can be found at the store— Speculoos cookie butter.

Seriously, this sweet spread is the only thing on your grocery list that must be gotten from Trader Joe’s and believe me, it would definitely be worth the special trip, until now, that is, because you can make this deliciousness right at home.

Find out how to DIY Speculoos cookie butter so that you never run out of this stuff again. Just imagine the ability of having a constant supply of this without having to leave for the grocery store. That thought just brings you pure joy, doesn’t it?

You can thank the Averie Cooks blog for that extreme happiness you’re feeling right now because that’s where you can find this very special DIY recipe.

1. The first step to making this spread in your very own kitchen is to crush peanuts in a food processor until peanut butter forms.

Averie Cooks

2. Next, some type of gingersnap cookie is added to the mix to give it that cinnamon spice flavor.

Averie Cooks

3. Adding white chocolate chips next will add all of the sweetness you know and love from Speculoos cookie butter.

Averie Cooks

4. Transfer to a jar, and there you have it, your very own cookie butter, made right in your kitchen.

Averie Cooks

Now that you have the spread, why stop there? Besides spreading this on pretty much anything you put in your mouth, you can also give these Speculoos cookie butter recipes a try to get even more use out of your homemade cookie butter.

1. Cookie Butter Frosting

Cookie butter frosting pairs excellently with chocolate cupcakes. And now that you’ve got Speculoos cookie butter that you made from scratch, I can’t think of a better excuse to make a batch of cupcakes, can you? Get the recipe.

Eat, Knit & DIY

2. Cookie Butter Popcorn

Cookie butter and melted chocolate drizzled on top of popcorn make the perfect movie snack. It’s salty, sweet and bound to be your new guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasure. Get the recipe.

I Heart Naptime

3. Cookie Butter Truffles

The only thing better than cookie butter is cookie butter that’s been covered in chocolate. Get the recipe.

Sweet c's designs

4. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Cookie butter, heavy cream and more combine for an ultra cool and creamy way to enjoy this cinnamon-y spread without an ice-cream churn. Get the recipe.

Keep It Sweet Desserts

5. Cookie Butter Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Combining homemade chocolate chip cookies with homemade cookie butter seems like the best way to show off your culinary skills, if you ask me. Besides, knowing you made everything from scratch has got to make it all the more tasty (if that’s possible). Get the recipe.

A Simple Pantry

Get the full recipe for Speculoos cookie butter you can make in your very own kitchen by visiting the Averie Cooks blog. Following this recipe is sure to be the best decision you’ve ever made. So, what are you waiting for? Homemade cookie butter is just a few ingredients away.

[h/t: WonderHowTo]

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