These DIY Crochet Boots With Flip Flop Soles Are So Easy To Make

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Snow boots can be a pain to lace up, especially when you’re just running outside to take the trash out on a cold winter’s evening. We’ve all been there—standing at the door feeling too lazy to put on boots, but knowing that it’s too darn cold outside to go out in our flip flops. Enter the crochet boot with flip flop bottom. Think of them as your favorite pair of snuggly socks—that you can actually go outside in!

A pair of comfortable (and warm!) shoes like these are sure to come in handy as fall turns to winter. So you’ll be happy to know that they’re super easy to DIY.

That’s right. Your new favorite footwear won’t even require a shoe purchase because you can make them yourself! Although, you can find similar pairs on Amazon, if you’d rather.

The Make & Do Crew have a free written pattern on their website as well as downloadable instructions available for $2.50. As if that wasn’t enough to get you started, there are also step-by-step videos that will make this project possible, even for those who aren’t typically up for crocheting a pair of boots.

There’s a series of four videos, so not only can you follow along, you can do so in easy-to-process chunks. Because we all know crocheting isn’t a quick process!

Make & Do Crew

What You’ll Need

All you’ll need to complete this DIY project is a pair of flip flops, some yarn, buttons, needle and thread and crocheting tools. We think you’ll find this process simple enough, so get ready to crochet a pair of these for everyone in your family!

The Instructions

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to get DIY-ing.

Again, you can choose to follow along with the videos, the instructions on the website or the downloadable PDF version. Here’s an example of the first video in the series, just to give you a feel for how they are structured.

That wasn’t so bad, now—was it?

Here’s Part 2

Part 3:

And Part 4:


You’ll wear the final product around the house, running errands and the list goes on and on. They’re completely cozy, adorable, and really easy to slip on. So really, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Other Crocheting Projects

In case you’re in the mood to crochet a little more, there are plenty of ways you can use your skills to create super cute footwear. You’ve already seen an example that’s great for the colder months, but what about when it’s warm outside? These crochet sandals should do just the trick!

There are plenty more crochet projects where this came from. So if you’re looking to kill some time while avoiding the outdoors this winter, these tutorials will provide you all of the entertainment you need. Make sure you’ve got plenty of yarn handy!