How to make a festive Christmas candy train

It's Always Autumn

It’s a few days before Christmas, and you might still be looking for a fun way to make some holiday treats. There are always those special Christmas cookies you can whip up. Or, you can try your hand at a classic gingerbread house, but those can be time-consuming and a messy.

This creative idea for making a Christmas candy train solves both of those problems. The ingredients are convenient and pre-made, and it’s so easy to put together that the whole family can help build it.

Let’s just say we’re fully on board with this adorable Christmas confection creation. How cute is this?

It's Always Autumn

Autumn, the crafty mom behind It’s Always Autumn, came up with this fabulous idea for a Christmas candy train.

Her idea to skip baking gingerbread in favor of using graham crackers is simple yet genius. Graham crackers are easy to find in the store, taste great and provide a great foundation to build any sort of structure.


You can customize these trains however you’d like. Autumn made her train with Oreo wheels, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups for the smokestack and other Christmas candies for decoration, but you can swap in your own favorite sweets to decorate your train.

You might notice that royal icing isn’t on the list of ingredients. Usually, royal frosting is the glue used to hold together cookies in a baked construction project. However, Autumn says white chocolate is a better option because melting the chips is easier than making royal icing, and the chocolate sets up quicker, too. That will make building the train much easier because it won’t fall apart as easily.


This project is simple enough for kids of most ages to put together. But since making the train boxes is the toughest part, Autumn suggests putting that together early if you don’t want your little ones to have to wait to get in on the decorating fun. She walks you through each step in her instructions, and you’ll want to read her full ingredient list, too.

With less time cooking or baking and more time dedicated to decorating, you and the whole family can have a merrier Christmas in the kitchen with this delicious project. All aboard for fun and a sugar rush!

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