Make Eating Vegetables Fun With These Salad Cakes

If you’ve ever tried to sneak veggies to kids, you know how clever you have to be to get them to even consider taking a bite. But this new idea takes the cake (literally).

Mitsuki Moriyasu, a Japanese food stylist, came up with the “vegedeco salad.” In short, it’s salad disguised as cake. Fun to look at and even more fun to eat, this may just be the new ways to get kids (and picky spouses) to eat their vegetables.

According to Food Hacks, the cakes are made from soybean four, rice, vegetables (including the roots, leaves and peels) and the icing is made from cream cheese and tofu.

The response in Japan has been so positive that they’ve opened Vegedeco Cake Café.

Here’s some additional photos of her beautiful work:

A photo posted by Vegedecosalad (@vegedecosalad) on

A photo posted by Vegedecosalad (@vegedecosalad) on