How To Make Your Own Fabric Softener, With Ingredients You Probably Already Have At Home

Fabric softener is arguably the best thing about doing laundry—it makes your clothes, sheets and towels snuggly soft when you take them out of the dryer, and it’s what makes everything smell so good. Did you know that you can make your own fabric softener? Whether you’re out of your usual bottle, trying to save money or you want to go the more natural route, it’s easy to make your own DIY fabric softener using ingredients you probably already have at home.

We found a an easy tutorial courtesy of CaliKim Garden and Home DIY that shows you step by step how to do it. All you’ll need is a recycled fabric softener or detergent bottle, cheap conditioner, distilled white vinegar and water, and you’ve got a fabric softener that’s cheaper—and definitely easier—than running to the store.

CaliKim suggests putting the recipe right on the bottle so when you run out, you can remake the softener right away without having to dig around for the recipe.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pour conditioner into the empty fabric softener bottle using a funnel. The conditioner can be any brand you want, but since it doesn’t really matter, you’re better off opting for a cheaper kind to save yourself some money. Pick a scent you love, or opt for unscented conditioner if you have sensitive skin that reacts to fragrances. This is also your opportunity to go a bit more natural than run-of-the-mill, storebought fabric softeners. Since vinegar and water are totally natural, all you have to do is use a more natural, eco-friendly conditioner and you’ve got yourself a natural fabric softener.

2. Pour in distilled white vinegar and water.

3. Close the top of the bottle and lightly swirl it to mix everything together. You don’t want to shake it too much or you’ll end up with too many suds.

4. Use your fabric softener for fresh-smelling and cozy laundry!

You can watch the video from CaliKim below for more detailed instructions.

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