How To Make Your Own Festive Paper Flowers [Video]

The whole family will love this kid-friendly craft!

If you love flowers but can’t grown a garden of your own, don’t fret. You can make your own garden of flowers using some colorful crepe paper. They may not be the real deal, but they can bring a bit of cheer to any room. This activity is also fun to do with friends or kids, as it’s not messy and doesn’t involve any fancy materials.

These paper flowers make a great idea for party decorations, they’re easy to make and extremely festive. You can experiment with different color combinations depending on the occasion. You can opt for pink or blue for a baby shower, red and green for Christmas, black and gold for New Years, and many more. Your options are endless!

All you need is some different colored crepe paper, large paper clips, floral wire, and some scissors, and you can make an abundance of these paper flowers.

Here’s how to make your own:


  • 6-7 colorful pieces of crepe paper (20” x 30” sheets)
  • 6-7 small binder clips or large paper clips
  • 16 gauge floral wire
  • Heavy duty scissors


1. Take the crepe paper and make an accordion fold, with segments about 2-3 inches wide.

2. Keep each crepe bundle together using a binder clip or paper clip clasped in the middle.

3. Starting with the second color, trim each sheet down in 1 inch increments to give flower depth.

4. Make two cuts into the edges of each sheet so it makes a point.

5. Cut ridges into each fold all the way to the center clip.

6. Unclip the paper, and lay the sheet flat. Start with the longest layer, and place the next smallest layer on top, stacking them all together.

7. Roll the paper up into a tube shape, and secure a floral wire at the center.

8. Gently peel back the layers to make petals for the flower.