How to make your own fortune cookies

One of the best parts about going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant is getting a fortune cookie at the end.

These desserts are actually more of an American treat than a traditional Chinese food, but if you grew up popping a cookie in your mouth after a night of indulging in orange chicken and beef and broccoli, you likely get a craving for the sweet from time to time. But you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy this dessert. Although they might seem complicated, it’s actually not very difficult to make your fortune cookies at home! Yes, really!

The most exciting part about making your own DIY fortune cookies is that you get to come up with the fortunes yourself. This makes them perfect for special events, where you can customize your fortune with a theme for a party. Or you can even just come up with some silly jokes to make your family laugh.

Watch this video to see how these fun treats are made, and then check out the instructions below!

To make these cookies, you’ll need just four simple ingredients: Egg whites, butter, flour and sugar. Simple, right? These sugary confections only take 5 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to cook, which means you can even make them as a last minute add-on to a celebration or dinner.

All you have to do is combine the ingredients together, creating a batter. You then spoon a thin layer of the batter onto a baking sheet, and then stick it into the oven. While your dough is baking, craft your fortunes. Remove from the oven, peel off the batter, and fold into your cookie shape while the baked batter is still malleable — making sure to tuck the fortune inside. Then all you have to do is let the cookies cool — and of course eat them to find out your fate!

For more detailed instructions on how to make these simple fortune cookies, watch the above video or visit Little Things for a full recipe.