How to make giant DIY spiders for your house this Halloween

Arachnid fans can weave an even bigger web of Halloween intrigue this year with giant spider decorations climbing the walls of their homes. A DIY tutorial for these massive eight-leggers comes from Better Homes & Gardens. The publication shows how to make three different sizes of spiders.

But if you want the kind that will frighten people away from your house, go for the largest size. You’ll need wire half-spheres, zip ties, faux fur, stem wire, and foam tubing to create the big creepy crawly creatures. The spiders can be attached to a house with wire, twine, adhesive strips or hooks.

Check out Better Homes & Gardens’ DIY video below on the smallest size spider:

Want even more giant spider DIY Halloween decoration ideas?

Simple styrofoam, spray paint and pipe cleaner spiders come together over on One Good Thing. These aren’t huge, but if you make several of them, they look great crawling up your front steps.

A plastic gallon jug forms the main body of HGTV’s big spider decoration, while jug lids are the spider’s eyes. This seems like a great way to make use of recyclables this Halloween.

Little Yellow Wheelbarrow has a tutorial on how to make a fuzzy spider with glowing red eyes using items like a fur rug, a large rubber ball, bubble wrap, coat hangers and a decent amount of time.


Want to make a massive spider you can fold up and bring out year after year? DIY Decor Mom has her take on how to make a PVC pipe and trash bag spider that will loom on your lawn. Mom Endeavors has a smaller-scale version of this spider in its own webbing.

And while Lilies and Jets‘ gigantic spider requires some advanced DIY skills, the addition of a pumpkin man caught in a tight web blanket seems like a fun and easy enough idea to add to any kind of creepy lawn scene.

Will you try any of these spider ideas out?

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