Make these adorable ladybug Oreos with your kids for Valentine’s Day

It’s fun to make festive and cute snacks for Valentine’s Day. And these adorable ladybug Oreos from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons are the perfect treat to make for the holiday this year.

They start with storebought Double Stuf Oreos and come together with just a few other simple ingredients, including Ghirardelli dark chocolate melting wafers, red candy melts, edible candy eyes and mini pink candy hearts. You’ll also need a few baking tools, including parchment paper, a cookie sheet, a double boiler and a disposable piping bag.

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Be sure to let the red candy harden before dipping the cookies into the milk chocolate. Once they’re fully decorated, let them dry completely before eating.

These sweet treats are as fun to make as they are to eat, and they would make for a great project to do with the kids. They’re perfect for serving at a Valentine’s Day party, or for kids to pass out to their classmates on cupid’s big day.

Looking for more love-themed snacks to whip up in time for Feb. 14? Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons also has a great recipe for bright pink fudge that’s just the thing to share with your sweetheart on the holiday. It’s almost too pretty to eat — but only almost. The dried maraschino cherries add a fun pop of red and a bit of extra sweetness.

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

If you’re not a big chocolate fan, strawberry-flavored treats are also a great option for Valentine’s Day.

This vanilla strawberry heart cake has cute, strawberry-flavored hearts baked right into the middle, making for a nice surprise when you begin to cut what looks like a regular loaf cake before it’s sliced. Get the full recipe from A Helicopter Mom.

A Helicopter Mom

If you’re looking to cut back on your sugar consumption, this whole foods-based version of Strawberry Dole Whip will hit the spot this Valentine’s Day without breaking your pledge to eat clean.

Dashing Dish

Do you have a favorite pink- or red-hued Valentine’s Day dessert?