Here’s How To Make Looking At Neighborhood Christmas Lights Even More Fun For Kids

Outdoor Christmas decorations

Many families have a tradition of looking at Christmas lights together over the holidays. Whether you walk around the block and check out the lights in your neighborhood, or go to see a big display put on by your city, Christmas lights are definitely one of the prettiest parts of the season.

Bring along a Thermos of hot cocoa and you have the makings for a perfect night…especially if you spike it with a little Kahlua! (Recipe here from Mix that Drink, ’cause we know that got your attention! But, please, only indulge if you’re not driving!)

But, libations aside, how else can you make the Christmas lights tradition a little more special? This is something that many parents wonder, especially as their kiddos get a little older and suddenly aren’t that impressed by yet another light-up reindeer.

Well, over at Sugar Blossoms, author and mama T.J. Eich has a great idea that we think is worth spreading. Her family turns their Christmas lights activity into a scavenger hunt!

So rather than just enjoying the lights from a passive perspective, kids have to get involved and really be aware of what they are looking at!

Here’s her family’s scavenger list, to give you an idea of how the game works.

Sugar Blossom

As you can see, the list is basic enough for young kids to understand, but competitive enough to keep older ones interested. From Snoopy to Santa Claus to a polar bear, everyone from toddlers on up will be able to recognize these characters and join in the fun.

Instead of giving the winner a prize (because, let’s face it, the last thing kids need this season is another gift or another sweet treat), why not say that the winner gets to choose which organization to make a holiday donation to?

For example, the winner might choose to donate pet food and doggie blankets to the shelter, or maybe some toys to Toys for Tots or the local YMCA. Or perhaps the winner gets to choose which holiday movie to watch when you come home and warm up on the living room couch.

You can print Eich’s Christmas light scavenger hunt list from the Sugar Blossoms web site here.

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