Make Adorable Painted Birds Out Of Your Kids’ Footprints

This would make such a great gift!

Looking for a great craft to gift to moms, grandmas, aunts or other special women in your kids’ lives for Mother’s Day this year? This adorable project posted by the blog Crafty Morning is called Grandma’s “Tweet” Hearts, and it makes for such a sweet present.

This project can be done with babies all the way up to teenagers (provided they’ll cooperate). First, you dip the kiddos’ feet in paint and have them make a footprint on paper or canvas.

The footprint forms the body and tail of a bird, and then you paint in the rest of the bird around it. Be sure to add in eyes, a beak and little bird feet.

Check it out as demonstrated in this photo posted to Instagram by @mrs.irvine.17:

“Easter Sunday crafting for Nana’s wall,” reads the caption.

How cute! As you can see, they added each child’s name to their paintings, and the three paintings displayed next to each other spell out, “Nana’s Tweet Hearts.”

Of course, you can customize the project in any way you see fit. Get creative with the paint colors you use, and write a special Mother’s Day message. Be sure to add the year somewhere on the paper, so you’ll remember just how old those little footprints were for years to come.

Instagram user @jeweledfox was a little annoyed by her son’s use of creative license on the project, but it’s still adorable:

Of course, birds aren’t the only craft creation you can make with handprints and footprints.

How about making your child’s handprint into a keychain? You’ll never leave home without them! The blogger at Never Done With Fun provides clear instructions on how to make this cute craft.

And babies’ tiny footprints are perfect for making into flowers. A video tutorial from the Crafty Morning Facebook page shows how easy it is to make this beautiful keepsake gift for a new mom’s first Mother’s Day.



And when the autumn season rolls around again, your kiddos’ handprints can be used to create beautiful fall leaf-decorated hand towels.

Check them out on MidgetMomma’s Facebook page:

Do you have a favorite handprint- or footprint-based craft?