How to make Samoa apple slices

Everyone loves the classic Samoa Girl Scout cookie. Also called a Caramel De-Lite, the signature sweet has a devoted following around the country, coming in as the second-favorite choice Girl Scout cookie in an online poll. (Thin Mints were the overall winner!)

But until we can get another few boxes of Girl Scout cookies in our hot little hands, what can we do to curb the Samoa cravings? Enter Delish’s incredible Samoa-inspired apple slices, made with a decadent mix of caramel and chocolate.

These little slices of heaven are the perfect sweet snack for kids and adults alike. Unlike a regular Samoa cookie (which is, well, a cookie!), the addition of the apple here adds a welcome boost of fiber and vitamins, including vitamin A and vitamin C.

Delish suggests using the classic green Granny Smith apple, but any fresh apple would work in a pinch.


Once you’ve chosen your apples, just slice them up into rounds, then cover them in a caramel-coconut mixture. You can source the caramel from pre-made options at your grocery store, or opt to make your own with condensed milk and hot water (don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!).

And the recipe calls for plain coconut flakes, but the toasted version of coconut flakes is sure to add an additional depth of flavor.

Next, melt some chocolate chips and drizzle the liquefied mixture on top of the caramel. You’re moments away from sinking your teeth into a Samoa-style sweet treat. Take a look at the video below and watch as apple slices are turned into Samoa “cookies” right before your eyes!

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These Samoa apple slices would be a perfect sweet treat for a birthday party, game day, movie night or just an after-school snack. They satisfy that craving for classic Samoa cookies while adding a fun new twist.

For the full recipe, visit Delish.