This cute Santa decoration is made from a Tide Pod container

Tide Pod Santa decoration
Facebook/Barefoot and Freckled

If you’ve ever looked at an empty container you’re about to throw away or stick in the recycling bin and thought, “It’s a shame that can’t be reused,” here’s a craft for you!

We’ve found an ingenious way to reuse a Tide Pod container and turn it into an adorable holiday decoration.

Barefoot and Freckled crafter Cortney Kramer has a DIY video showing how she transformed a plastic laundry detergent container into Santa. She paints the back of the container white, adds a Santa hat, cuts out faux fur for a beard, and adds a large wooden bead for the nose.

Here’s the video, which was posted to Facebook:

Result? An irresistible decoration to display around your house. Barefoot and Freckled also shows how to make a gnome version with a winter hat.

She posted this video tutorial to TikTok:

@barefootandfreckled Replying to @kallyn2020 ♬ Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

And another of her recent upcycling holiday ideas shows how to turn clear yogurt jars into faux bell decorations. Kramer removes each jar label, attaches a small brass coupling to the bottom, paints it black and then gold, strings jute rope through them and ties them all together with a bow. Clever!

Here’s the how-to video from Facebook:

Want even more holiday upcycling ideas that use items you’d throw away or recycle? Turn a coffee creamer bottle into a snowman! You can find many tutorials online, but here’s one from Crafty Staci that just requires some flannel or felt cloth and wire to put together.

And speaking of snowmen, here’s a tutorial from Windy City Crafts on turning a coffee can and a plate into a top hat for Frosty, posted to Facebook:

If you don’t want to make that, Re-Fabbed says you can turn a plastic coffee container into a base for a small Christmas tree by painting it white and adding burlap, rope and twine. You’d never know it used to hold Folgers. We imagine you could use similar-sized food containers to do the same.

These great, cheap upcycled container ideas will put you in the holiday spirit!

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