These Are The 7 Most Popular Makeup Shortcuts On Pinterest

Whenever I’m in need of new beauty inspiration, the first place I look is Pinterest. I’m always amazed at all the different looks and the techniques people come up with when it comes to getting glam. Pinterest really is the ultimate resource for all types of beauty advice. So it’s no surprise that you can find a number of clever makeup shortcuts there, too.

If you’re looking to cut down your makeup routine in the morning — or just finally master that cat eye — you’ll definitely want to know about these seven popular makeup shortcuts you can find on Pinterest.


1. Fill In Your Lips Perfectly

Putting on lipstick can get messier than it should be, but if you want perfectly colored lips, try this beauty hack from Jennifer Chiu. If you don’t have lip liner, you can start by making marks at the bow of your lips as well as the sides with your lipstick. Connect these lines, and then fill in your lips for a lusciously smooth look.

2. Use Scotch Tape For The Perfect Cat Eye

Getting that perfect cat eye truly is a challenge, but you can make your life easier thanks to a trick that involves scotch tape.

Use a piece of scotch tape and place it under your eye below your bottom lash line, angling it towards your temple. Begin lining your eye, and when you get to the edge, use the tape to guide your liner. You won’t have to worry about getting any on the tape, as you’ll have a straight line once you remove it.

Check out this trick in the video below from beauty blogger Samii Ryan:

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3. Use A Spoon To Prevent Under-Eye Mascara Smudges

It’s tricky to apply mascara to your bottom lashes without getting your under-eyes smudged, but you can prevent this problem using a plastic spoon. This tip comes from beauty guru Michelle Phan, and it’s one we’ll be using every morning for a cleaner look.

MIchelle Phan

4. Shape Your Brows Flawlessly

Not sure how to fill in your brows the right way? Don’t fear, this diagram from Jane Iredale Cosmetics will help you out. Using your nose as a guide, you can find exactly where your eyebrow should start, arch, and finish—no more guessing required.

Note: Some experts recommend you line up the line marked “b”—the one that reaches to the arch—with the inner portion of the nostril. So play around with that line a little on your own face to see which point of alignment works best for you.

Jane Iredale

5. Use A “Hashtag” For The Ultimate Smoky Eye

The smoky eye look can be quite glam, but if done wrong, you end up looking more like a raccoon than a rock star. Avoid the mess by using this tip from beauty experts: Draw a hashtag at the outer corner of your lid, and use a sponge to smudge. Easy peasy!

Watch it in action in the video below from Seventeen:

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6. Test Your Foundation Color On Your Neck

Most of us are used to finding the right foundation color by testing it on our inner arm. It turns out, though, that our arms tend to be a different color than our faces. Instead of using your arm, test the colors below your jawline on your neck to find your perfect shade. This video from The Makeup Chair walks you through it:

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7. Flip Around Your Eyeliner’s Tip To Extend Its Life

Running out of a new product is such a bummer, but you can extend your eyeliner a little longer with this hack: If your eyeliner pen runs dry, remove the tip, and flip it around. You might be surprised to find that there’s a whole lot of liner left!

What are the best makeup shortcuts you’ve seen on Pinterest (or anywhere else)? Let us know!