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47 Stores (And Counting) That Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving Day

Here are all the retailers that will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day.

We’ve all seen the creeping of Black Friday shopping. First it started around 6 a.m. or so the day after Thanksgiving, right? Then, like some inexorable shopping countdown, it moved to 3 a.m… then 2 a.m… then 1 a.m… and then midnight. Recently, more and more stores have decided to be open on Thanksgiving.

While some may say this is a way to lessen the frenzy of Black Friday, others see it as the big corporations depriving their hard-working associates of a traditional holiday in advance of a tremendously stressful (and profitable) day-after.

The massive Mall of America in Minnesota just announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year. This means all Mall employees—those who run the movie theaters, amusement park and the like—will be off on Thanksgiving. This doesn’t, however, ensure that all the retail stores within the mall will be closed, but mall executives assume the individual stores will follow suit and close for the day.

Some stores that close may be doing so in order to garner favorable public opinion. And, if that’s what it takes in order to give employees back this holiday, then so be it.