Man Surprises Fiancée With Puppy About To Be Put Down

As most animal lovers know, seeing a pet who is set to be euthanized is a heartbreaking experience. When this happens, it feels like you would do anything to save that animal and stop the pang in your heart. When a man named Daniel saw his fiancé Sarah going through that exact experience, he felt like he had to do something—and their story is heartwarming.

Sarah showed Daniel a puppy from a shelter that she had been eyeing on Facebook. A day later, Daniel went to the shelter and put the dog on hold, unbeknownst to his fiancé. Sarah called separately, hoping to take the puppy, but she was bummed to discover the dog had already been reserved. Little did she know, Daniel was the one who had claimed him.

In this video, Daniel picks up Jax the puppy and waits to surprise Sarah at home with the newest member of their family. Daniel recorded the whole encounter as he surprises her with the dog.

Her reaction is sure to put a smile on your face as she embraces both Jax and her generous fiancé. It’s especially uplifting to know that this new family of three have saved an animal who really needed a home.

Check out the full video below: