This Man Goes To Elaborate (And Adorable) Lengths To Ask His Girlfriend To Marry Him

Nurse Lauren Trulli was shocked to see ambulance doors open at the hospital where she works to reveal her boyfriend, Tom Ciancia, inside.

“Tom, oh my God,” she exclaimed as she rushed over to the stretcher.

Following along with procedure, the nurses worked to get Ciancia quickly into the hospital. Little did Trulli know—this was all an elaborate scheme to surprise her with a proposal.

Ciancia is also a nurse at the same hospital in New Jersey, so he was able to pull a few strings to arrange this surprise proposal.

Once Cianacia was brought inside the hospital, it was time to transfer him from his stretcher. As he was getting up, he fell to his knees. Of course, his girlfriend and the other nurses who weren’t in on the surprise were concerned for him and tried to help him stand up.

That’s when it became clear exactly what was going on.

“I wanted to pick a place to do this,” he said getting down on one knee. “In the place that I fell in love with you—I love you so much.”

As soon as the nurse became aware of what was happening, she became overwhelmed with emotion. She was on the brink of tears, but also seemed a little upset that her boyfriend had gone to such extreme lengths before asking her to marry him. She ripped off her gloves and prepared to accept his ring, however. And of course, she said yes!

Everyone in the room was absolutely elated for the happy couple and began to cheer.

The ambulance crew posted about the event later on Facebook writing, “We helped Tom propose by ‘scaring’ Lauren into saying yes!”

It was a scary moment initially, but it turned into something very sweet and ended happily for the couple. You can see it all unfold below, and watch until the very end to get a glimpse of the beautiful ring!