John Stamos Filmed This Funny Video To Help A Man Propose To His Girlfriend

"Have mercy!"

Doug Cox says his girlfriend has a “John Stamos problem” (i.e., she’s obsessed with the “Fuller House” dreamboat). So Cox decided to do something about it. He wanted to ask his girlfriend, Katrina Firenze, to marry him, but given the fact that she is a huge John Stamos fan, he thought getting the “Full House” star in on the proposal would help to seal the deal.

So, Cox wrote to Stamos and explained the issue: “I want to marry this woman. But there is a brick wall in the way that resembles a 6-foot-tall Greek god with better hair than me. And John, I have fantastic hair.”

In Cox’s mind, Stamos owed him this favor, and at the end of his email he requested one simple thing: A signed photograph that read, “Katrina, will you please marry Doug?”

But, Stamos did Cox one better. He filmed a video persuading Firenze to say yes to Cox’s proposal.

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In the video, Stamos makes a compelling argument that Katrina would be wise to marry the man who went to such great lengths for her.

“From what I see here on this email you’ve sent, you’re a handsome man, you have nice hair, good beard, got beautiful blue eyes. Katrina, I would say yes to this,” Stamos said in the video. “If I was a woman, and I’m not saying I’m not, I would say yes to young Doug. So, I guess this is me asking you to marry him. And I hope you do.”

Cox filmed his girlfriend’s reaction to the video, and of course, she said “yes!” Let’s just say Stamos made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.


As for the happy couple, we wish you all of the happiness that Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse had in “Full House.” Because that’s all any of us can hope for, really!

Also, could a “Full House”-themed wedding be in the works? Have mercy!