Man Eats Pizza Every Day For A Year, Still Loses Weight

Do you love pizza? Of course you do. Everybody loves pizza. Most of us would eat pizza every day if we weren’t worried about becoming the size of a small blimp.

Well, one man decided that he was going to live his best pizza-eating life.

Meet Brian Northrup of New Jersey, who set out on a quest to consume an entire Domino’s pizza every day for more than a year and actually LOSE WEIGHT.

Northrup cataloged his 367 days of cheesy bliss on YouTube and Instagram with the hashtag #Pizzapocalypse.

This. This is the American dream.

Every day, Northrup posted a video of himself eating the pizza and discussing whatever came into his head. (Looking through his photos, you get a sense of just how many pizza topping combinations you could try if you ate a pizza every day for 367 days!)

At the end of this carbo-loaded experiment, Northrup somehow lost six pounds and still looks ripped.

Northrup said he undertook the challenge to prove that exercise can overcome a less-than-healthy diet.

“You can outwork a bad diet,” Northrup told Foodbeast. “That is absolutely a goal in this, but it’s not the only goal.”

Of course, the key word there is “outwork.” Whereas I eat a pizza and then take a nap, Northrup worked out hard, as evidenced by his photos. So the average person should probably not take on a daily pizza habit. (Sorry.)

However, while others may not take it to the extreme he did, Northrup said his workout plan may help people feel a little less guilty about indulging in a pizza every now and again. In fact, studies have shown that people who eat pizza and other foods they want are more motivated to work out.

“Sure, you might not want, or be able to put in the amount of work that I do, but if you think you could be doing more, I just want to show that it’s worth it,” Northrup told Foodbeast. “If you see me, a relatively small guy, who was never a good athlete… I want to be a reminder of what’s possible through hard work.”

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go try out this pizza and workout plan. Or, at least the pizza half of it…

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