This man bought more than 100 generators to help Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas

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Who is the man who purchased thousands of dollars worth of generators for the people in the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian?

No one knows his name. A viral social media post by Facebook user Alec Sprague shows a man inside a Costco in Jacksonville, Florida, buying more than 100 generators to send to the Bahamas.

Even though it has been shared more than 34,000 times, the man in the photo has remained unidentified. But we know this much: The generators the man was seen purchasing cost $450 each. That’s $45,000 worth of generators! How¬†generous!

This man in Florida isn’t the only good Samaritan who wanted to remain anonymous about a big act of kindness. In fact, anonymous donors have given $10,000 to pay off families’ school-lunch debts for their kids and even paid for the tuition of an entire class of medical students. Getting credit for their good deeds just isn’t the point for these folks.

Sprague wrote in his post that when he saw the man purchasing so many generators and realized what was happening, all he could do was shake his hand and thank him.

“There still are good people in the world!” Sprague wrote.

And the Bahamas need help from some good people. The island nation was pounded by Hurricane Dorian for two days. After it made landfall there as a Category 5, the storm kept its intensity but slowed to a crawl, hammering residents with destructive wind and rain.

Dorian produced a huge storm surge, and many homes were completely flooded. Bahamian Prime Minister Huber Minnis said the airport for the hard-hit Abaco Islands looked like a lake.

Many neighborhoods did, too.

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The Washington Post reported that thousands are still missing in the storm’s wake.

Dorian was continuing to move northeast on Thursday. The Carolinas were getting lashed with rain and high winds, and hundreds of thousands of residents were without power. The storm is now a Category 2 hurricane, so it’s still dangerous.

Now that Dorian has cleared the Bahamas, volunteers are rushing in to assist in recovery efforts. If you would like to assist financially, the American Red Cross is taking donations.

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