This Man Was The ‘Flower Girl’ At His Cousin’s Wedding

More and more couples are breaking classic wedding traditions. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have joined bachelor/bachelorette parties, donut walls instead of huge cakes for dessert options and now—having a male do the “flower girl” duties.

As children, the bride Andria Farthing and her cousin Patrick Casey served as a flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding back in 1994.

Flower Girl
Patrick Casey

Aww! How adorable!

So, when it came time for Farthling to take her own vows, Casey knew what he had to do. He offered to do the honor of serving as the flower girl in her wedding party. The bride and groom agreed!

He took his role of dropping petals down the aisle very seriously. Casey even carried the same basket the bride used all those years ago! And, he posted the event on his own YouTube page. No shame here! It’s gotten over 173,000 views and the hits keep growing.

People continue to praise his work in the comments section writing, “You made it your own. Props dude.”

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Non-Traditional Flower Girl Wins Crowd Over

Guests may have been skeptical of Casey’s role at first. However, he’s confident he won them over.

I’m pretty sure they were won over when I got to the end of the aisle and then proceeded to pull out flowers I had stocked in my pants’ pockets and did a LeBron powder toss with them,” he told BuzzFeed. “There was an ovation.”

Casey most certainly did add some pizzazz to the typical, low-key flower-dropping duties, but not without permission from the bride—thank goodness!

He also told BuzzFeed the bride and groom definitely approved his plan.

“They fully encouraged me to do all of this. I would have never done anything to take attention away from them if they didn’t want me to,” he told the publication.

Photographer Erin Moore captured the moment forever and it made quite the splash on the internet!

This is definitely a top moment for the wedding playbook. If you’re looking to go the non-traditional route for your big day, then keep something like this in mind.

It may take a lot to top his skills. But if you choose your flower person carefully, you could add a very fun, twist to your wedding! Who’s in?