This Man Adorably Proposed To His Girlfriend In A Video Game

If you’re looking for a way to get your girlfriend interested in video games, this is probably the way to do it. YouTube user Retro Shanerator posted a video of his girlfriend playing a very special level he’d designed just for her in the Super Mario Bros. video game.

The video shows her playing the level as usual, only to discover the words, “Pam, Will You Marry Me?” spelled out in bricks. When she sees her name, she’s impressed by her partner’s skill level. She keeps asking him, “Babe, how’d you do that” after seeing her name. Little does she know that he is going to propose next. Now, that is impressive!

She’s like a real-life Princess Peach who’s found her very own Super Mario. How sweet! This is surely the best video game she’s ever played. Her boyfriend really is on a winning streak as far as gameplay is concerned.

As a true gamer, he makes her finish the game after she answers his question with an emphatic “Yes!” Because first things first: finish the video game level and then celebrate your engagement, duh!

Check out the epic proposal:

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This should serve as inspiration to any game-loving couple. Because why wouldn’t you want to create something special to take your relationship to the next level? It certainly worked out well for this couple!

[h/t: PopSugar]