Man transforms his home into a ‘winter punderland’

Yes, the holidays are a crazy time filled with shopping, wrapping, cooking and getting the house decorated for all the festivities. But remember when the holidays used to be fun? Kyle Gunderson of California decided to bring laughter back into the Christmas season in a hilarious way.

Instead of just decorating his home with pretty lights and greenery, Gunderson decided to take a different approach. He challenged himself to cover the house in as many holiday puns as possible. Gunderson calls the resulting masterpiece his “Winter Punderland.”

You have to admire Kyle’s creativity. He incorporated 10 holiday puns into his Christmas decorations this year. Can you guess them? Check them out in his Instagram post.

Kyle’s efforts took a lot of time and effort, which he shared in a few sneak peeks along the way. Back in December, he praised his wife Cori’s Photoshop skills in creating their “Christmas Matt.”

And you can tell the couple was excited when the celebrity who would be featured in the display showed up in early November, all ready to go.

Kyle also recorded a video tour of his decorations. With a glass of red wine in her hand and a Santa hat on her head, Cori walks the viewers through some of the clever plays on holiday phrases. She seems to be a pretty good sport through it all. Although you have to wonder if this is what she had in mind when her husband said he’d take care of the Christmas decorations.

My LOL moment was the “gingerbread man.”

The responses to the Gundersons’ holiday spirit raced around the internet faster than Santa’s sleigh goes around the world. The video has been shared more than 250,000 times on Facebook and fans shared their love of the cheesy Christmas jokes.

But the Gundersons aren’t the only ones who enjoy throwing around the festive wordplay. Just search for #winterpunderland on all of the various social media platforms and see what you can find! Here are just a couple giggle-worthy examples.

If you’re an animal fan, then you’ll love Instagram user helenhirst’s punny jokes.

How about a viking joke mixed in with a little holiday hilarity?

See how many of these funny plays on words you can come up with and post your own on #winterpunderland.

Happy Holly-days! Get it?