Man Who Walked 16 Miles To Work Got A Car, Thanks To Facebook

This man’s story is pretty much as motivating as it comes. Kyle Bigler walked a combined 16 miles per day to get to his two minimum-wage jobs.

It was when one customer, Joanna Griffiths, who always appreciated that he remembered her coffee order at the Dunkin Donuts where he works, noticed him walking that everything started to change for him.

According to a Facebook post she wrote about Bigler, she went by his second job at a gas station on her way home (around 10:45 p.m.) to ask if he needed a ride. But, he still had another three hours of work left, so he declined the offer.

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She was moved by his motivation and willingness to go to such great lengths (literally) just to provide for himself.

The Facebook post went viral and received over 20,000 shares. Someone who saw the post immediately went to the owner of AutoServ and asked if the company could donate a car to Bigler.

According to Huffington Post, the AutoServ owner, Dennis Gaudet, didn’t question it at all. He just said, “Let’s get him a car ASAP.”


So now, Bigler has a car to help him get to each of his jobs and back home again. Which just goes to show what a little hard work and motivation can do for you. It will always pay off in the end.

[h/t: Huffington Post]