Man Wins $900,000 By Hitting Lottery Grand Prize 9 Times In Same Drawing

Robert Lundstedt was feeling lucky when he decided to buy nine lottery tickets for the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Mass Cash drawing on July 9. He played the same numbers on each ticket, and gave one to his daughter Kristen and one to his son Brian.

When he checked the newspaper the following morning, he was stunned to realize he had won — nine times over for a total of $900,000 before taxes.

Although he ultimately played the same combination nine times, Lundstedt did not purchase all nine tickets at once. Instead, he first bought four tickets at Trucchi’s Supermarket in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, two more at Quick Stop in West Bridgewater, two more at The Corner Market in West Bridgewater, and the final ticket at Cumberland Farms in Bridgewater.

“I bought a Gatorade, gave her a five, I had change,” Lundstedt told NBC Boston of when he bought the ninth and final ticket. “I had the ticket in my pocket, and I said, ‘Here, just play this one time.’ And I did.”

Plans For Their Big Winnings

Lundstedt, a carpenter who lives in Brockton, Massachusetts, says he plans to use his windfall to pay off the mortgage on his home. His children will put their shares toward their college educations.

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Brian — who will soon be starting his final year at Bridgewater State University — insists that despite the fact that his family hit it big, it won’t change much for them; they’ll simply have “a little extra in savings.”

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Another Lucky Winner Still MIA

Another $100,000 ticket from the same drawing was sold at Fisher’s Pub, in Middleborough, Massachusetts, but has not yet been claimed, according to Christian Teja, communications director for the state lottery.

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Details On The Winning Combo

Oh, in case you were wondering, the lucky winning numbers were 1-7-11-26-30, a combination that Lundstedt says he’s been playing for decades. (Hey, what’s that saying about good things coming to those who wait?)

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Although many probably see his winnings as incredible, once-in-a-lifetime luck, Lundstedt says he’s not done playing the lottery quite yet.

“I still play it,” he told NBC Boston. “That number’s going to come in again.”

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Which is the exact winning attitude that got him here in the first place, right?

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