Apparently, Some People Are Getting Colored-Pencil Nail Art—And Yes, You Can Draw With Them

It’s back-to-school season, and, apparently, there’s some Crayola-inspired nail art to help you celebrate.

Nail Sunny, a nail art chain in Russia, posted a pretty impressive design on its Instagram account (nail_sunny) that used colored pencils as a muse. Can you just imagine these nails on a chalkboard?!

In case you were wondering, yes, those are absolutely real colored pencils at the tips of the nails. And, yup, they can actually be used to draw with, too.

The nail artists behind the design posted a time-lapse video showing how those nails were created. While the nail art may look elementary design-wise, it certainly isn’t when it comes to the execution. The nail artist coats the nails in paint, does some shading to give them a dimensional look reminiscent of pencils, and then uses a light tan to replicate the wooden part of the pencils. On the underside, the nail tech adheres the colored pencil tips:

We’d be pretty impressed if anyone could write with their fingernails, let alone those flashy nails!

But those arty nails are far from the craziest the nail artists have created.

Peruse through the Nail Sunny Instagram page, and you’ll see their nail artists like to push boundaries. While there are plenty of more-traditional nail art designs, incorporating marbling effects and glitter, there are others that excel in the quirk department.

Take for instance this nail art that imitates braces:

Or, this one that uses a dead insect!

So, what do you think: Do these colored pencil nails totally nail it, or are you uncomfortable just looking at them?

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[H/t: Cosmopolitan]