This Man’s Insanely Huge Collection Of 30,000 Die-Cast Model Cars Is Now For Sale


Dennis Erickson was a meticulous engineer with a real passion for two things: model cars and his church family. These two passions came to light when Celebration Church in Eagan, Minnesota, made an unbelievable discovery in the home that Erickson bequeathed to them.

Not only did Erickson gift his home to his church, but this gift included his collection of more than 30,000 die-cast model cars.


Dana Ross, wife of the Celebration Church pastor, said, “It was a very unexpected blessing that came to the church, and throughout this whole process, we’ve tried to do our best to honor Dennis.”

It was discovered that Erickson started collecting the model cars when he was 9 years old, and he was 69 when he passed away. Church officials calculate that he collected more than one car per day while he was alive. Think of any car—and Dennis had a model of it; every make, every color.

Now, if you are imagining a heap of dusty old cars—think again.

Ross says, “everything was perfectly clean, lined up and dusted.”

You could tell he treated all of them equally. In his living room, he had a chair and table with cans of cleaner set up, and he’d go through all the cars in rotation to clean them and Armor All the wheels. He also kept documentation. He would record every time he bought something, and then he’d go back and if he had Armor-All’d the tires, he’d note that.

Church officials decided to show off and sell the massive collection on Everything But The House (EBTH) is a fantastic website that allows you to buy and sell items you’d generally find sold via an estate sale. In addition to cars, this incredible collection includes everything from limited editions (like the 1968 Airstream pictured below) to boats to motorcycles.


If, like Dennis, you have a passion for model cars hurry over to EBTH to peruse his collection and start placing bids. The auction ends in 2 days.

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