Map Shows Which Airports Have Free Wi-Fi All Day Every Day

Not having wireless connection is high on the list of things people don’t like. In such a fast high-speed world most of the time we expect for Wi-Fi to be available.

Home is where your phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi without any trouble. When you’re out and about there is no guarantee Wi-Fi will be available. The worst part is paying for connection, especially if you’re sitting in the airport patiently waiting for a flight.

After spending money on food and possibly a gift for someone you forgot about, no one truly want to pay for Wi-Fi.

Thanks to Anil Polat, you won’t have those issues anymore.

Travel blogger and computer security engineer, Anil Polat has created an interactive map with Wi-Fi passwords for airports around the world.

Anil Polat

It is regularly updated whenever Polat travels and the world should be thankful for such a map. On his blog foXoMad you’ll find the interactive map which Polat hopes helps people travel smarter.

Though Polat hopes to visit every country in the world, he asks for the help of other travelers.

“This list becomes more useful the more of you who send me passwords you find at airports. If you get any lounge passwords or for other access points, please leave a comment on this post or email me directly,” said Polat.

You can see the interactive map by going on Polat’s blog or by downloading his WiFox map. Don’t worry it’s available for IOS and Andriod devices.

Before you book that flight, check the map to see if the airport you’ll be visiting is on the list.

Here is a huge thank you to Polat for helping travelers stay connected around the world.

Photo by Tupolev und seine Kamera