This map shows the cookie that best represents each state

If you could choose any cookie to represent your state—any cookie at all—which would you choose? Does peanut butter remind you of home? Or how about that good ‘ol standby, chocolate chip? Or is your state deserving of a more interesting cookie, like, say, maple pecan or orange? (Yes, orange.)

The cookie lovers at Nestlé Toll House were wondering, too, just how cookies stack up when it comes to the state where you live, so they set out to find the answer! They surveyed people nationwide to find out what type of cookie they thought best represents their home states.


If you live in Montana, for example, are you more likely to say the Cowboy Cookie represents your state than if you live in Ohio? The answer is yes, of course!

But what about other places, like New Mexico and Hawaii? Does Wisconsin like cheese in their cookies? (Just kidding.) And what the heck is a Russian Tea Cake? (Looking at you, Alaska.)


Most of the results aren’t surprising. For example, with the majority of the country agrees that chocolate chip cookies (both with and without nuts) are the No. 1 cookie in America. In fact, one in three people surveyed chose it as a representation of their state, making it the lead in 21 out of 51 states.

(Did you know that, more than 75 years ago, Ruth Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Inn, invented it by mistake? Even decades later, we can pretty much all agree that even if it doesn’t represent our state the best, nothing beats a warm chocolate chip cookie.)


Also popular was a twist on the chocolate chip cookie—this time with the addition of peanut butter. Ten states are best represented by peanut butter chocolate chip, from California all the way across the map to Virginia.

peanut butter chocolate chip photo
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Take a look at the map and see if you can figure out which cookie has been chosen for your state before we reveal the full results:

Nestlé Toll House

Figure it out? Here’s the breakdown of cookies by state:

Nestlé Toll House

Do you agree with the choice in your state? If not, what would you choose instead? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Oh, and because we can’t end a story about cookies without some helpful baking tips, click here to read about the science behind the perfect chocolate chip cookie. From when to add more flour to how to make them crispy with a soft center, you’ll have the perfect cookies in no time!

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