This Map Shows The Largest Company In Each State

When we think about the different states in our country, we usually picture landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty. We see palm trees in Florida and skyscrapers in New York City.

It’s easy to see the states in terms of their scenery or their climate, but one map portrays the United States in a different way. This unique map depicts each state with the logo of its largest company.

The map was created by Broadview, a cloud computing company, using 2016 Yahoo! Finance data. The map surprisingly isn’t based on total revenue, sales or number of employees for each company.

Instead, the data is based on market capitalization value, the total dollar value of a company’s available shares, a factor that many investors use to value a company. This particular measure helps investors see one company’s value in relation to another. Of course, since stocks are variable, these numbers and the companies may have changed in 2017.

This map is a good reminder that not all major companies are located in Silicon Valley or near Wall Street. You’ll likely see a lot of big companies you recognize, and you may not even realize the places they are based out of. Walmart, as you may know, is still based in Arkansas where it was started. The same goes for Nike and Oregon.

It’s easy to see, in this map, how every corner of the country is working to build wildly successful, global businesses.

A similar map was made in 2015, and there were a few changes in some of the states. For instance, Dow surpassed Ford in Michigan and Kraft Heinz replaced McDonald’s in Illinois.

Keep reading to see the full map and read about the companies—from smallest to largest.

50. Alaska: General Communication, Inc.

Headquarters: Anchorage

Industry: Telecommunications

Market Cap: $553.88 million

About: This telecommunications company provides cable television, internet and cellphone service throughout Alaska, which can be a challenge given the state’s harsh winter weather and remote locations of towns.

flickr | fiscal shrike

49. Montana: Glacier Bancorp, Inc.

Headquarters: Kalispell

Industry: Banking and financial services

Market Cap: $2.1 billion

About: Glacier Bancorp, Inc. is a regional bank holding company that has commercial banking offices throughout Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Arizona. It was founded in 1990.

Peak Sign

48. Mississippi: EastGroup Properties Inc.

Headquarters: Jackson

Industry: Real estate investment trust

Market Cap: $2.12 billion

About: EastGroup Properties Inc. is a real-estate investment trust that develops and acquires industrial properties mostly in “Sunbelt markets,” with a focus on Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and North Carolina. The company started in 1969, and the company’s portfolio includes 38.5 million square feet of property.

EastGroup Properties

47. New Mexico: PNM Resources, Inc.

Headquarters: Albuquerque

Industry: Diversified utilities

Market Cap: $2.55 billion

About: This utility company provides electricity to more than 761,000 homes and businesses in New Mexico and Texas. The company was founded in 1917 as the Albuquerque Gas and Electric Company.

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DCF 1.0

46. West Virginia: United Bankshares Inc.

Headquarters: Charleston

Industry: Banking

Market Cap: $2.83 billion

About: The bank holding company has dual headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Charleston. The company started in 1839, and today employs more than 1,900 employees at 145 branches.

United Bankshares

45. Hawaii: Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu

Industry: Electric Utilities

Market Cap: $3.1 billion

About: Based in Honolulu, the electric company has been in business for 125 years and serves about 95 percent of Hawaii residents on Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii Island. The company has 2,622 employees.

Flickr | Benjamin Cave

44. South Dakota: Black Hills Corporation

Headquarters: Rapid City

Industry: Electric utilities

Market Cap: $3.17 billion

About: The electric and gas company serves 1.2 million customers across eight states. The company is building a new corporate headquarters in Rapid City to bring its 550 headquarter employees under one roof as they’re now spread out in five buildings. The company says its Rapid City employees and their families contribute $81 million to the local economy each year. In all, the company employs 2,800 people.

Black Hills Corporation

43. New Hampshire: White Mts Insurance Group, Ltd.

Headquarters: Hanover

Industry: Insurance

Market Cap: $4.06 billion

About: The holding company was incorporated in 1999. While the company’s principle executive office is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, its corporate headquarters is in Bermuda.

White Mountains Insurance Group

42. North Dakota: MDU Resources Group, Inc.

Headquarters: Bismarck

Industry: General building materials

Market Cap: $5.01 billion

About: The energy company provides electrical and natural gas utilities in Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. It incorporated in 1924 and today employs around 9,598 people total.


41. Utah: Extra Space Storage Inc.

Headquarters: Salt Lake City

Industry: Real Estate Investment Trust

Market Cap: $9.25 billion

About: In all, the self-storage company owns or operates 1,400 stores in 38 states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. The company, which got its start in 1977, is based in Salt Lake City, but has regional offices in nine states.

Extra Storage Space

40. Maine: IDEXX Laboratories

Headquarters: Westbrook

Industry: Healthcare equipment & services

Market Cap: $9.41 billion

About: The pet healthcare company provides veterinary diagnostic tests, veterinary software and water microbiology testing. The company was first started in 1983 by five employees in Portland, Maine, as a way to detect diseases in livestock and poultry animals. Today, its headquarters are in Westbrook and the company has more than 7,000 employees.


39. South Carolina: SCANA Corporation

Headquarters: Cayce

Industry: Public utility

Market Cap: $10.15 billion

About: SCANA Corporation’s businesses provide electricity and natural gas throughout South Carolina and Georgia. The company was started in 1937 under the name Broad River Power Company. Today, its workforce numbers about 3,000.


38. Louisiana: CenturyLink, Inc.

Headquarters: Monroe

Industry: Telecommunications

Market Cap: $12.56 billion

About: An expansion to the global telecommunications company’s headquarters brought additional jobs in 2015, and CenturyLink’s statewide yearly payroll in Louisiana is more than $200 million.

Billy Hathorn/Wikipedia

37. Vermont: Keurig Green Mountain

Headquarters: Waterbury

Industry: Food and beverage, appliance manufacturing

Market Cap: $13.70 billion

About: The coffee producer has special ties to Vermont: Its first cafe was in the state. The Waterbury campus is set in the restored Waterbury Train Station, and is a mix of historic and modern buildings. The company laid off about 200 local employees in 2016 but still employs about 2,000 people in the state.

Southern Kitchen Brunch Hosted By Trisha Yearwood - Part of The New York Times Series - 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival

36. Alabama: Vulcan Materials

Headquarters: Birmingham

Industry: Construction

Market Cap: $15.19 billion

About: Headquartered in Birmingham, Vulcan Materials is the country’s largest producer of construction aggregates, which include materials like crushed stones, sand and gravel. The company has 344 sites that produce these aggregates around the United States. It’s also in the business of making asphalt and concrete and has another 100 U.S. sites to do that.

Flickr | markvalli

35. Iowa: Principal Financial Group

Headquarters: Des Moines

Industry: Insurance, financial services

Market Cap: $15.34 billion

About: Founded in Iowa, this investment management company has expanded into major markets including those in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia. The company has offices in 18 countries but remains based in Des Moines. Today, the financial group manages $619.7 billion in assets.

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34. Idaho: Micron Technology

Headquarters: Boise

Industry: Memory and semiconductor technology

Market Cap: $17.26 billion

About: This memory-chip making company is based in Boise, which started to gain recognition as a tech hub in the 1970s and went through a tech boom in the 1990s. Micron Technology employs 8,000 people in the Boise area and around 31,000 worldwide.

Flickr | Muhammad Sameer

33. Arizona: Southern Copper Corporation

Headquarters: Phoenix

Industry: Mining

Market Cap: $20.7 billion

About: While this mining company is based in Phoenix, it carries out most of its business internationally with mines and smelters primarily in Mexico and Peru. The company, which was founded in 1952, produces and sells copper, molybdenum, zinc, silver, lead and gold.

Flickr | César Ricaldi Vidalón

32. Oklahoma: The Williams Companies, Inc.

Headquarters: Tulsa

Industry: Oil & gas pipelines

Market Cap: $21.36 billion

About: Though its headquarters is in Tulsa, this natural gas processing and transportation company has other “major offices” in Houston, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City. The company was founded in 1908 and employs more than 5,600 people.

The Williams Companies, Inc.

31. Kentucky: Yum! Brands, Inc.

Headquarters: Louisville

Industry: Restaurants

Market Cap: $22.08 billion

About: You may not have heard of Yum! Brands specifically, but you definitely know their restaurants. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are all in the company’s portfolio. The company has nearly 43,000 restaurants worldwide and 800 people at is headquarters in Louisville.

Flickr | Scott Ableman

30. Kansas: Sprint Corporation

Headquarters: Overland Park

Industry: Telecommunications

Market Cap: $24.15 billion

About: Overland Park is home to the Sprint World Headquarters Campus, which spans 17 buildings on a 200-acre property. About 6,000 of the company’s 30,000 total employees remained at the Overland Park campus after the telecom company laid off 829 last year, according to news reports.

Flickr | Mike Mozart

29. Colorado: DISH Network

Headquarters: Englewood

Industry: Cable TV

Market Cap: $25.5 billion

About: Dish provides service to 13.7 million television subscribers and 580,000 broadband subscribers, and employs about 16,000 people, according to company filings.

Wikipedia | lekroy

28. Wisconsin: Johnson Controls, Inc.

Headquarters: Milwaukee

Industry: Auto parts

Market Cap: $38.19 billion

About: The multinational company sells auto parts such as batteries and HVAC equipment for buildings. As Wisconsin’s largest company based on sales, Johnson Controls employs about 3,400 people locally. Worldwide, it employs more than 170,000 people at its 1,300 locations.

Johnson Controls, Inc.

27. Missouri: Express Scripts Holding Company

Headquarters: St. Louis

Industry: Pharmacy benefit management services

Market Cap: $42.38 billion

About: Last year, this St. Louis-based pharmaceutical company landed No. 22 on the Fortune 500. The company employs 30,000 people. One interesting figure? Sixty-nine percent of employees are female. The company also has landed on Forbes list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” ranking No. 66 overall.

Express Scripts

26. Nevada: Las Vegas Sands

Headquarters: Paradise

Industry: Hospitality and tourism

Market Cap:  $45.09 billion

About: Started in 1989, this hotel development and management company is based in Las Vegas and has properties in Sin City as well as around the world. The company owns Sands Expo and Convention Center, The Venetian and The Palazzo—all based in Vegas. The company has other hotels in China, Singapore and Bethlehem, Penn., employing 46,500 people.

Sands Expo

25. Tennessee: FedEx

Headquarters: Memphis

Industry: Courier

Market Cap: $46.15 billion

About: FedEx is the largest private employer in Memphis, according to the city’s chamber of commerce, employing 30,000 people locally. FedEx moved its corporate headquarters from Arkansas to Memphis in 1973. The chamber says FedEx picked Memphis because it’s a geographical center to target market cities, and because Memphis’ weather conditions rarely cause closures at the airport.

MEMPHIS, TN - DECEMBER 22: Tommy Williams sorts packages at the FedEx hub on December. 22, 2003 in Memphis, TN. Williams, one of almost 1,000 volunteers, usually works for the HR Department at the company's world headquarters but has voluntarily chosen to work at the hub as well during "peak week" which enables the shipping company to handle the almost 3.9 million packages that will move through the hub tonight. (Photo by Mike Brown/Getty Images)

24. Florida: NextEra Energy

Headquarters: Juno Beach

Industry: Electric Utilities

Market Cap: $57.21 billion

About: Headquartered in Juno Beach, this clean energy company was recently named by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Employers.” The company has 14,700 employees across the country.

Flickr | TIm Fuller

23. Delaware: El DuPont de Nemours

Headquarters: Wilmington

Industry: Conglomerate

Market Cap: $59.89 billion

About: This company has a long history. It was founded in 1802 as a gunpowder mill. Today, it’s a diversified chemical, agriculture and biotech corporation that’s based in Wilmington. Dupont in early 2016 laid off about 28 percent of its workforce in Delaware, which had numbered 6,100 people and it marked one of the largest single layoffs in the state’s history. The company employs around 52,000 people worldwide.


22. Massachusetts: Biogen Inc.

Headquarters: Cambridge

Industry: Biotechnology

Market Cap: $59.93 billion

About: Biogen Inc., a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, is the third-largest biotech employer in Massachusetts and employs about 2,900 people in the state and over 7,000 worldwide. The company has a drug in trials that it says shows promise in helping children with spinal muscular atrophy.


21. Michigan: The Dow Chemical Company

Headquarters: Midland

Industry: Chemical, physical and biological sciences

Market Cap: $60.1 billion

About: Dow’s first manufacturing location was established in Michigan in 1897. More than 6,000 of Dow’s 43,000 employees live and work in Michigan today. The chemical producer’s headquarters are in Midland, about 130 miles northwest of Detroit.

Wikimedia | Brian Reading

20. Maryland: Lockheed Martin

Headquarters: Bethesda

Industry: Aerospace, defense, information security & advanced technologies

Market Cap: $72.3 billion

About: With headquarters in Bethesda, just outside of Washington, D.C., Lockheed Martin has 97,000 employees worldwide. The aerospace company was established after Glenn L. Martin built his first plane in a rented church in 1912 and was nudged by Orville Wright to try a new aircraft design.

Flickr | Matthew Straubmuller

19. Indiana: Eli Lilly and Company

Headquarters: Indianapolis

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Market Cap: $76.1 billion

About: This 140-year-old pharmaceutical company employs 11,462 people at its Indianapolis headquarters. The company employs another 1,120 in Indiana (excluding Indianapolis). Worldwide, it has 42,000 employees.

Flickr | Paul Sableman

18. Oregon: Nike, Inc.

Headquarters: Beaverton

Industry: Textiles, apparel, footwear & accessories

Market Cap: $82.82 billion

About: Nike employs more than 26,000 people in the United States, including 8,500 employees at headquarters in Oregon. The sportswear, equipment and shoe company celebrated its 50th year in business in 2014.


17. Rhode Island: CVS

Headquarters: Woonsocket

Industry: Pharmaceutical services

Market Cap: $86.97 billion

About: The Woonsocket-based CVS employs 158,000 people across the United States, with about 7,600 of those in Rhode Island. The first-ever CVS store opened in 1963 in Lowell, Mass., according to the company’s history.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 15: A pedestrian walks by a CVS store on June 15, 2015 in San Francisco, California. CVS Health announced that it has agreed to acquire Target's pharmacy and clinic businesses for an estimated $1.9 billion. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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16. Illinois: Kraft Heinz

Headquarters: Chicago

Industry: Food and beverage

Market Cap: $105 billion

About: The food and beverage company splits its headquarters between Chicago and Pittsburgh since Kraft and Heinz merged in 2015. The company employs around 42,000 people in 40 countries. You may know the company for its macaroni and cheese and ketchup, but there are 200 brands that fall under the company’s umbrella, including Capri Sun, Lunchables and Grey Poupon.

Getty Images

15. Virginia: Altria Group inc

Headquarters: Richmond

Industry: Cigarettes

Market Cap: $127.14 billion

About: Altria Group is a producer and marketer of tobacco products. It’s the parent company of Philip Morris USA, John Middleton, Inc. and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. In all, Altria has about 9,000 employees. The company relocated its headquarters from New York City to Henrico County in 2004.

NEW YORK - JANUARY 31: A smoker walks past the former Philip Morris offices which is now called Altria January 31, 2003 in New York City. The company changed names to Altria at a recent shareholder's meeting although the Philip Morris name will still be used for Altria's tobacco companies, Philip Morris USA Inc. and Philip Morris International Inc. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

14. Minnesota: UnitedHealth Group

Headquarters: Hopkins

Industry: Healthcare

Market Cap: $131.27 billion

About: UnitedHealth Group is the largest health insurance provider in the United States. The health insurance company employs more than 14,000 people in Minnesota and 260,000 in total. It ranks No. 6 in the Fortune 500.

United Health Group

13. Pennsylvania: Comcast Corporation

Headquarters: Philadelphia

Industry: Telecommunications

Market Cap: $146.98 billion

About: The media and telecommunications company was founded in 1963. Today, it employs around 153,000 employees, and Forbes listed it No. 15 on its list of top public companies in the United States. Among its ties to Philadelphia, where it’s headquartered, Comcast also purchased the Philadelphia Flyers after the team won its first Stanley Cup in 1974. Comcast previously owned the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team as well.

PHILADELPHIA DECEMBER 3: The Comcast Center, which is Comcast Corporate headquarters, is seen December 3, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast Corp. announced December 3, that it will acquire a majority stake in NBC Universal Inc., paying GE 6.5 billion dollars. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)
Getty Images

12. North Carolina: Bank of America

Headquarters: Charlotte

Industry: Banking and financial services

Market Cap: $166.84 billion

About: Bank of America employs about 15,000 people in the Charlotte area (out of 208,000 worldwide). When it comes to assets, Bank of America ranks No. 2 among banks—below JPMorgan Chase, but above Wells Fargo.

Getty Images

11. Georgia: The Coca-Cola Company

Headquarters: Atlanta

Industry: Beverage corporation, manufacturer and retailer

Market Cap: $181.4 billion

About: Coca-Cola has long had roots in Atlanta. Coke was actually invented by an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton, who sold portions of the business to various parties, with the majority of the interest sold to Asa G. Candler, an Atlanta businessman. Coke had about 13,000 employees in its Atlanta headquarters, but a layoff in 2015 eliminated about 500 jobs at the corporate offices. The company employs around 100,000 people worldwide.

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Flickr | phot0 guy44

10. Arkansas: Walmart

Headquarters: Bentonville

Industry: Retail

Market Cap: $215.4 billion

About: Walmart started as a single discount store and has grown over the past 50 years into the largest retailer, employing 2.3 million associates worldwide. It opened its home office in Bentonville in 1970.

Flickr | Mike Kalasnik

9. Ohio

Largest Company: Procter & Gamble

Headquarters: Cincinnati

Industry: Consumer goods

Market Cap: $231.17 billion

About: Dozens of brands are a part of this consumer products behemoth, including Bounty paper towels, Pringles chips and Mr. Clean household cleaners. The Cincinnati-based company has about 105,000 employees worldwide with about 11,000 in the greater-Cincinnati area.

Getty Images

8. New York: JPMorgan Chase & Co

Headquarters: New York

Industry: Banking and financial services

Market Cap: $246.96 billion

About: A global financial firm, it is the largest bank in the United States and was ranked No. 3 on Forbes’ list of America’s top public companies. The company, which was founded in 1799 and is based in New York City, employs almost 235,000 people total.

Getty Images

7. Connecticut: General Electric Company

Headquarters: Fairfield

Industry: Conglomerate

Market Cap: $253.42 billion

About: At the time the data for the map was collected, GE was the largest employer in Connecticut—that is, until it moved to Boston for greener pastures (err, better tax incentives, according to Forbes). The company was incorporated in 1889 as a merger between Thomas Edison’s three companies. In 2016, GE employed 800 people at its headquarters and about 295,000 people worldwide.

Wikimedia | UpstateNYer

6. New Jersey: Johnson & Johnson

Headquarters: New Brunswick

Industry: Consumer products, medical equipment & pharmaceuticals

Market Cap: $314.71 billion

About: A new Johnson & Johnson museum recently opened in Brunswick, New Jersey, telling the company’s history—including the story behind how Band-Aids were invented. (Earle Dickson invented them after his wife cut herself in the kitchen.) The pharmaceutical company has a 130-year history in New Jersey, and the company employs 127,000 people around the world.


5. Texas: ExxonMobil

Headquarters: Irving

Industry: Oil & gas

Market Cap: $346.91 billion

About: ExxonMobil employs a total of 83,000 employees, and is the largest publicly traded oil and gas company. While it has “campuses” around Texas, its HQ is still in Irving in the Dallas metro area.

ExxonMobil Holds Annual Shareholder Meeting In Dallas

4. Nebraska: Berkshire Hathaway

Headquarters: Omaha

Industry: Diversified investments

Market Cap: $353.79 billion

About: Warren Buffett’s $329 billion Omaha-based holding company includes many different businesses under its umbrella, including Benjamin Moore & Co., BNSF, Clayton Homes, Geico, Helzberg Diamonds, See’s Candies and more. The company collectively employed 367,700 people worldwide at last count.

Getty Images

3. Wyoming: Cloud Peak Energy, Inc.

Headquarters: Gillette

Industry: Industrial metals & minerals

Market Cap: $401.65 million

About: The company is one of the largest coal producers in the United States. Cloud Peak Energy, Inc. owns and operates three surface coal mines in the Powder River Basin. The company employs 1,300 people total.

Cloud Peak Energy

2. Washington: Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond

Industry: Business software & services

Market Cap: $460.38 billion

About: The multinational technology company started in 1975 and was originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1979, the company moved to Bellevue, Washington. Then, it moved again in 1986 to Redmond, where it remains today. The company that develops and sells computers, software and electronics employs 121,567 people around the world. Of those employees, 45,535 are in Washington state.

Microsoft To Layoff 18,000

1. California: Apple Inc.

Headquarters: Cupertino

Industry: Electronic equipment

Market Cap: $591.8 billion

About: Apple just finished building a new 175-acre campus in Cupertino known as “Apple Park.” The company employs around 12,000 people at their California headquarters.

Wikimedia commons

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NOTE: This map shows two visual errors. The largest company in Wisconsin is Johnson Controls not Cloud Peak Energy. The largest company in Alabama is Vulcan Materials not Regions. The information that follows in the article below is correct according to Yahoo’s 2016 data.


Additional reporting by Brittany Anas.