This Map Shows The Largest Company In Each State

Here's an interesting way to look at our country.

When we think about the different states in our country, we usually picture landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty. We see palm trees in Florida and skyscrapers in New York City.

It’s easy to see the states in terms of their scenery or their climate, but one map portrays the United States in a different way. This unique map depicts each state with the logo of its largest company.

The map was created by Broadview, a cloud computing company, using 2016 Yahoo! Finance data. The map surprisingly isn’t based on total revenue, sales or number of employees for each company.

Instead, the data is based on market capitalization value, the total dollar value of a company’s available shares, a factor that many investors use to value a company. This particular measure helps investors see one company’s value in relation to another. Of course, since stocks are variable, these numbers and the companies may have changed in 2017.

This map is a good reminder that not all major companies are located in Silicon Valley or near Wall Street. You’ll likely see a lot of big companies you recognize, and you may not even realize the places they are based out of. Walmart, as you may know, is still based in Arkansas where it was started. The same goes for Nike and Oregon.

It’s easy to see, in this map, how every corner of the country is working to build wildly successful, global businesses.

A similar map was made in 2015, and there were a few changes in some of the states. For instance, Dow surpassed Ford in Michigan and Kraft Heinz replaced McDonald’s in Illinois.