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You’ve heard it before: Opposites attract. (All you ’80s babies will probably even remember that Paula Abdul even made a song about the mantra.)

But get ready to throw that idea out the window. A dating app, appropriately named Hater, matches people based on their shared disdain for things—whether that’s something understandable like jellyfish or something quirky like biting string cheese rather than peeling it.

Sound a bit cynical? The development of Hater was inspired by research from the University of Oklahoma that suggests people bond well over shared negative attitudes. (Ironically, the thing that Oklahomans say they hate the most is hearing the latest gossip). Go figure.

Because the dating app requires people to select what they hate—whether that’s a habit, concept, famous person, etc., the app has been able to collect some interesting state-by-state data from registered users.

They’re dishing their methodology, which does make us wonder exactly how many people are behind the random disdain for NSYNC in Colorado. But a Hater rep did tell the HuffPost that there’s 3,000 topics to swipe on and they’ve been able to keep tabs on a “few hundred thousand users” in the United States.

Even if you’re no longer in the dating pool, you’ll probably find your state’s biggest hate interesting. Here’s a break down of what drives people nuts in each and every state, according to the Hater app.

NOTE: Mississippians got a bit graphic with their response. Let’s just say they reference a type of sexual activity that’s commonly associated with ancient Greece, so this map is definitely NSFW (aka “not suitable for work”) or if you’re reading in sensitive company.



Alabama: Vegetarianism

The attitude in Alabama: Why climb your way to the top of the food chain to eat a plant-based diet?

vegetables photo
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

Alaska: Graffiti

Wouldn’t the spray paint just freeze as it was coming out of the can anyways?

Graffiti photo
Flickr | 5chw4r7z

Arizona: Sand

The sandstorms get so big here they’ve been referred to as a “wall of dirt” and have even delayed flights.

Arkansas: Cleaning

We can relate.


California: Fidget spinners

We hear you. Here’s 19 different types of NON-spinning fidget toys.

fidget spinners photo
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

Colorado: NSYNC

If the boy band could respond they’d probably say “You’re Tearing up My Heart.” Or maybe they’d be a bit salty and say “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

NSYNC photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Connecticut: Winter

Still stirring about the “Blizzard of ’78?”

snow photo
Getty Images | John Normile

District of Columbia: The idea that everyone has a soulmate

Wait, do you guys hate puppies, rainbows and sunshine, too?

Delaware: Casey Affleck

OK, Delaware folks, who would you have rather seen cast for “Manchester by the Sea”?

casey affleck photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Florida: Workout couples

So we’re guessing matching spandex is off the table in a big way, Floridians?

Georgia: Tuna salad

Personally, I would take it a step further and say HR shouldn’t allow people to eat it at their desks in a shared workspace.


Hawaii: Taking videos at concerts

Live in the moment, right? The concert videos never look or sound as good as the real deal.

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Idaho: Asking for directions

Wait, were only men involved in this survey?

map photo
Getty Images | Adam Berry

Illinois: People who bite string cheese

They don’t call it “string” cheese for nothing, people.


Indiana: Bloggers

I guess in Indiana, they’d call them “blah-gers.”

Iowa: Long hair on guys

And what about man buns?

Kansas: “Seinfeld”

Why, Kansas, why?

Kentucky: Friends who help you to move

Cool. But to clarify, are asking for rides to the airport fair game?

moving photo
Flickr | mbtrama

Louisiana: Being the designated driver

Well, it must be tough in the Bayou State because of all the drive-through liquor stores.

Maine: Boys night

Girls just wanna’ have fun. But boys can’t do the same?

Maryland: Cheap coffee

Can Dunkin’ Donuts get an exemption?

coffee photo
Getty Images | Tim Boyle

Massachusetts: Eli Manning

Patriots fans are a loyal bunch.

Eli Manning photo
Getty Images | Elsa

Michigan: “Pride and Prejudice”

To clarify: the movie or the book?

pride and prejudice photo
Getty Images | Evan Agostini

Minnesota: Drinking alone

After all, the key to a happy marriage is drinking together, according to one study.

Missouri: People who believe in aliens

There’s always that one guy who swears airplanes are UFO’s.


Mississippi: Anal sex

We’ll, uh, just back out of this one.

Montana: Going to the gym

I mean, at least they’re being honest up in Montana.


Nebraska: Friendly reminder calls

Just send an e-mail please and thank you.

phone photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Nevada: Feminism

Hey now, do you have any moms or sisters? We’re guessing if you did, they’d remind you hate is a strong word.

New Hampshire: God

So you’re saying you don’t want to meet your soulmate in church here?

New Jersey: Jellyfish

We hear you. Just stop peeing on the stings. There’s a better way to treat a sting.

jelly fish photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

New Mexico: Polo shirts

Even worse when the collars are popped, huh?

New York: Times Square

The tourists ruin it for you, guys?

times square photo
Getty Images | Andrew Burton

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North Carolina: DUI checkpoints

Here’s a conversation starter in North Carolina: Are they even constitutional?

North Dakota: Tapas

OK, just calling them tapas rather than appetizers seems to tack $5 onto the menu price.

Ohio: Tying a tie

Just get a clip-on, right?

tying tie photo
Flickr | bark

Oklahoma: Hearing the latest gossip

Psst, did you hear Oklahoma doesn’t like to gossip?

Oregon: Spin class

We don’t blame you. A bike ride along the Oregon Coast is much more serene than sweating with strangers a windowless studio.

spin class photo
Getty Images | Nicky J Sims

Pennsylvania: People who wear money clips

Who even carries cash anymore?


Rhode Island: Middle America

Hey now! Might you reconsider after taking one of these weekend trips?

South Carolina: Edward Snowden

So renting “Snowden” during a night in—yay or nay?

Edward Snowden photo
Getty Images | Handout

South Dakota: The New York Times

We’re guessing this doesn’t have to do with them charging for online access.

Tennessee: Foraged food

Your date in Tennessee doesn’t want to go dumpster diving or foraging for mushrooms, OK?

forage mushrooms photo
Flickr | lee.alex11

Texas: Sleeping with the windows open

Who knows what kinda’ critters could crawl in.

Utah: Porn

Oh, OK. But how do you explain this article that says Utah is No. 1 in online porn subscriptions?

Virginia: Dabbing pizza grease with a napkin

Hey, the technique could save you about 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

 pizza grease photo
Flickr | badlyricpolice

Vermont: Waiting in line

But it’s exciting when you’re next.

Washington: Keuring K-cups

We would expect Seattle to snub instant coffee.

keurig photo
Getty Images | Sergi Alexander

Wisconsin: Trap music

I’m kind of impressed Wisconsin even knows what trap music is.

West Virginia: Lyft

Are you guys loyal to Uber or just loyal to taxi cabs?

lyft photo
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

Wyoming: Gluten-free

Pass the bread basket.

Gluten-free bread photo
Flickr | @joefoodie

[H/t: Country Living]


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