Margarita cake recipe is perfect for summer

As the calendar zooms us into summer, we’re feeling ready to celebrate longer days and warmer temperatures. For some, this may mean raising a glass filled with a nice, refreshing margarita. But why just drink a margarita when you can have a margarita cake?

Lori Lange, the food blogger behind Recipe Girl, shared this Margarita Cake recipe she’s been using as a go-to dessert for years. Lange admits that she’s not a big fan of margaritas as a beverage, but she insists that this cake is “absolutely delicious.”

Lange describes the cake as “light and lemony with a lime-tequila glaze.” But if you’re looking for a family-friendly version of the recipe, you can simply leave out the tequila and stick with the simple lime syrup when you’re whipping up the glaze.

Recipe Girl

You’ll be making this cake entirely from scratch — no box mix here. But the recipe is so simple, and calls for such easy-to-find ingredients, that you may never go back to a boxed cake mix again!

For the cake, you just need sugar, butter, baking soda, salt, eggs, lemons, all-purpose flour and yogurt. For the cake glaze, gather up sugar, limes, tequila, water and whipped cream. You’ll find the exact quantities for each ingredient over at the Recipe Girl website.

Lange does give a few expert tips for making this cake. For one, the recipe requires superfine sugar, which can be hard to find in the grocery store. If you have a difficult time locating it on your store shelves, just follow Lange’s directions on how to make your own.

This dessert only takes about an hour in total to make between the cake itself and the glaze. So it’s a great option to throw together for a summer cookout or casual dinner where you want a light, refreshing dessert.

Who else is hungry?