Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods Are Now Available For Your Keurig


A product you probably wouldn’t have ever dreamed up a few years ago is hitting a pretty large market in 2016. According to, 10 states have now legalized medicinal marijuana usage, and seven of those states also allow recreational marijuana usage.

This has meant an increased demand for THC-infused edibles—and drinkables.

As long as marijuana use is approved in your state, Brewbudz is making it possible for you to brew marijuana-infused coffee right in your Keurig, according to Insider.

The coffee pod is a mixture of Arabica beans and 10 milligrams of THC, notes Insider.

The Brewbudz website highlights the health advantage to drinking a hot beverage to get your THC rather than smoking it.

“Ingesting or consuming hot beverages is a very healthy alternative to smoking which has a high impact on the health of your lungs,” notes the site. “Best of all, our product is lifestyle integrated which is important to a regular consumer.”

And while you may think that this weed concoction would make you mellow and therefore counteract the purpose and effects of coffee, Brewbudz insists that’s not the case. This is a “sativa-dominant” mixture, so you’ll actually feel energized after sipping on it.

Marijuana is prescribed for medical use to treat a range of symptoms and diseases, from seizure disorders and Crohn’s disease to the nausea that’s a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment.

Brewbudz now has a West Coast Roast available, but is working on expanding to include French Vanilla and Hazelnut as well. The coffee comes in both caffeinated and decaf.

It doesn’t end there. You can also shop more hot beverages from the brand. They make a cocoa, in a Decadent Dark Chocolate flavor, as well as teas. A Breakfast Blend tea is available now, and Green Tea and Chamomile will be coming soon.

Perhaps best of all? The pods are compostable, so you don’t have to worry about the used pods ending up a landfill beside regular K-cups.

Note: Brewbudz will be launching these products in six states where marijuana use is legal between now and March 2017. To see the full list of states where marijuana is legal, click here.

[h/t: Insider]

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