Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles house sold for more than asking price

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It’s not everyday that a former celebrity-owned property goes on the market, so, of course, people (with lots of money to spend) are eager to jump at any and every opportunity to occupy the same spaces as the stars.

Marilyn Monroe’s former home in Brentwood, Los Angeles was listed for sale back in April, and according to Curbed, it is now officially off of the market.

The 1929-built home was reportedly listed for $6.9 million, which is no small price to pay. But hey, one of the most iconic stars of all time did live there!

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According to Curbed, the house sold for $7.25 million, but the buyer was not disclosed. Whoever is now the owner of this home is also the owner of a piece of Hollywood history.

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Not only is this the first home Monroe ever owned, it’s also the place where she died in 1962.

The Spanish-style house has gorgeous features including terra cotta tile, wood beam ceilings, a pool and a guest house.

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The listing real estate agent, Lisa Optican, described the house as still having “many of the design elements selected by Monroe.”

According to interviews conducted after Monroe purchased the house, she was very pleased with all that the abode had to offer.

“Anybody who likes my house, I’m sure I’ll get along with,” she told Life Magazine a few weeks before she passed away.

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The house has changed owners several times over the years, and not surprisingly, it’s only increased in value over time. Monroe reportedly purchased the house for somewhere between $67,000 and $90,000 back in 1962.

The housing market’s come a long way since then, huh?

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Now that the four-bedroom home is off the market, you’ll have to wait to get your chance to own it. But, make sure you’re saving up—because if this property does become available again, it’ll cost you a pretty penny to make it your own.


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