Mark Your Calendar: You Can Get Free Comic Books On May 5

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If you love comic books or are just interested in checking them out, you’re going to want to mark your calendars for May 5 — Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day began in 2002, with participating comic book shops in the U.S. giving away — you guessed it — free comic books to anyone who came into their store. Since the start, thousands of shops around the world have given away millions of free comic books.

You won’t be able to stroll into your local grocery store and snag a free copy, as the free books are at participating specialty shops only, but you can visit the Free Comic Book Day website  to search for a store in your area.

Thousands of shops are participating, so there’s likely one near you!

comic book store photo
Flickr | Doug Kline

Also know that it is specific books being given away, so you can’t just grab one off the rack and take it with you. There is a chance your local store will be giving away more than one to each person, though, so you might end up with the one you really want.

If you’re not into comic books, you may be wondering why there’s an entire day dedicated to giving them away for free. The reason?

“Comic books are an original American art form, created in the early days of the twentieth century,” according to the Free Comic Book Day website. “They are fun to read, featuring a wide range of diverse story lines that capture the imagination of the readers. That’s worth celebrating in our book – we’re proud to be a part of this wonderful medium.”

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Do you have a favorite comic book or will you be taking advantage of Free Comic Book Day to read your first?