Use marshmallow fluff to make easy, versatile buttercream frosting

marshmallow fluff
Fluffy, delicious frosting for your favorite dessert doesn’t have to come from a can. However, you can use something from a can to make some really easy homemade frosting.
Namely, adding store-bought marshmallow fluff to buttercream frosting can take the traditional icing to a whole new level.
As The Kitchn explains it, traditional buttercream frosting can be tricky to get right. But a marshmallow fluff version leads to a “versatile buttercream that is thick and sturdy, meaning it holds its shape piped atop a cupcake and sandwiched between cookies, like a true hero.”
The recipe involves whipping together marshmallow fluff and butter, then slowly adding powdered sugar followed by vanilla. For the full method, check out Kitchn’s video.

A commenter on the Facebook video pointed out another good reason to use marshmallow fluff, saying “it can withstand the heat and humidity … better than a traditional buttercream,” if you’re in a particularly warm and humid area. “Buttercreams are notoriously finicky, and this is a great no-fuss alternative,” Katie Stewart said.


Inside BruCrew Life blogger Jocelyn adds heavy cream to her version of the frosting to both thin it out and make it even fluffier when whipped.

Other ways to incorporate marshmallow fluff into recipes include using it on strawberries for a healthier version of a roasted s’more. You can also add the marshmallow creme to the filling of a no-bake Rice Krispies treat cheesecake and work it into a Butterfinger s’mores pie.

And if you’d like to try making your own marshmallow fluff instead of buying it, Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking blog has a popular recipe using white sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, cream of tartar and vanilla extract. That way purists can say their buttercream frosting is completely homemade but still use this cooking hack for better icing.

Have you tried this trick for extra-fluffy buttercream in your desserts? Would you give it a whirl?


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