This Mashup From The Casts Of ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ And ‘The Voice’ Is Amazing

If you’re a fan of a cappella singing, prepare to be blown away. On the “Live Top 12 Elimination” episode of the singing competition show “The Voice,” producers debuted a music video featuring the stars of “Pitch Perfect 3” singing along with the top 12 contestants.

Powerhouses Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Chrissie Fit and Hana Mae Lee performed alongside the show’s hopefuls in an epic mashup of “Freedom” by George Michael and “Cups,” a song that prominently featured in the original “Pitch Perfect” film. Check out the amazing performance below.

The video did have one notable absence…at least until the very end—Rebel Wilson, who stars as “Fat Amy” in the franchise. Whew! We can’t wait to see her and everyone else in “Pitch Perfect 3,” which will hit theaters on Dec. 22.

pitch perfect photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

The third installment will follow the Barden Bellas as they embark on a USO tour of Europe, performing for the troops.

Kendrick says that getting the gang back together to film the third movie was a happy reunion. “It’s totally like summer camp,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“We spend every waking moment together: We’re shooting together constantly, we’re in the hair and makeup trailer together and when we’re not shooting, we’re in a green room together. It starts to feel like ‘Oh, my God if I see these girls for one more second…’ and then every weekend it’s just like, ‘What you guys up to?’”

It’s not just the jaw-dropping performances that make this franchise so popular. The films also have heart. “These movies are so good at capturing relevant moments that happen to all kids,” “Pitch Perfect 3” director Trish Sie told Entertainment Weekly. “In this case they’re heightened and absurd, but most people’s first years out of school are a pretty bleak reality check, and that’s where we pick up the story in this movie.”

We can’t wait to see what “Pitch Perfect 3” has in store! Here’s the amazing video: